Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pictures From the Week

actually from the last couple of weeks.

small DG Haul
Sunset sky in Ohio

Flowers from our 3rd anniversary
Thank you babe!
Clouds from an evening sky in Ohio
Fishtail Braid! Finally learned how to do it! would you like a tutorial?
Wal-Mart Haul: Puppy clothes on sale for $2! and Nail Strengthener from Sally Hansen on sale for $1. Don't waste your money on the nail strengthener.

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till next time


cait said...

Pretty flowers! Yes to tutorial ;)

toxycat said...

fab photos!!
Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop

Erica J said...

alright! we got a taker for the fishtail braid!

toxycat: thanks girl! I have had a lot of prectice in the past year and a half. now i am only skilled at taking pictures close up. weird, i no.

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