Friday, June 15, 2012

17: Trendy Tangerine Lips!

Today was "a style/item that screams you" for the challenge & what I am really all about is trends. A lot of people I know don't like trends & others don't think it is something you should even be proud of! What?! I love them! I love following them, I love making them my own, I love being the first one to know about them & apply them! I know all of you girls can agree with me. That's why I love you all :) My favorite trend has been nothing more than the color of the year, Tangerine Tango, on my lips!

this is the true color! yum!

I have 2 orange lip colors. Avon's Tangerine (fitting) & Revlon's Siren.

You can see Avon's Tangerine in action when I channeled Kourtney Kardashian a while back. Lately I have been really loving Avon's lipsticks. They have really nice packaging & their lipsticks are both pigmented & moisturizing. I will speak on Avon's lipsticks as a whole later, but for know, let's bask in all of the tangerine glory. Dorky, I know. Anyway, this line is called "Color Rich Moisture Seduction". Sooo much better than Revlon Lip Butters!

Revlon's Siren is even better, being a true orange. This is what I have been wearing on a daily basis. Like every day. It surprisingly reminds me of a matte lipstick. It is not marketed as a matte lipstick, however. When you apply it, it doesn't feel like it is drying or moisturizing. Somewhere in the middle. As the day goes on, I notice that my lips get slightly dry. A chap-stick will fix this problem really easy. It's truly not a problem as long as my lips stay orange all day. & they always do! I have put it to the test a number of times & it lasts for anywhere up to 3-4 hours I would say. This has been my current obsession. God, I love this lipstick. I wanna bathe in it. I dunno how that would be possible but yah no.

(left) is Revlon's Siren. You can see that is truly a bright orange! (right) is Avon's Tangerine. If you play it safe more often than not, this one is more wearable as it is a true tangerine, but with a pink undertone. Which ever one you go for this season, you can't lose! They are both amazing!

I esp. love this color because 1. It is summer. Bright colors are a requirement. 2. If I am wearing these I do not feel apt to wear much makeup. Concealer, Blush/Bronzer hybrid, eye liner, mascara, & maybe a matte crease color but other than that it is an easy way to make yourself look done up with out putting in the time. & honestly in the summer, who has the time to do anything but hang out outside? & blog of course. :)

Are you rocking the orange lips these days?
whats is your current obsession?




Beauty Salons said...

I am an AVON lady,I am a franchise dealer here in the Philippines, I love how Avon products have stick around in the beauty industry for 125 years. Now Avon is expanding it's range in clothing line. I am glad to be an Avon Lady..

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

Those colors are fantastic! I've never tried orange before, but you have caught my curiosity. Will it look good on me? I don't know, but I may just have to find out!

Being trendy isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I also like when people incorporate it with their own style as well. Individuality is always the most important thing to me. So, yeah, wear the trends, but add your own uniqueness to it, too! I mean, really, who wants to be like everyone else anyway?

I found you on BlogLoveTherapy, btw.


PS - I have lots of yummy prizes on my blog right now:

Janine said...

They are really great summer colours! Orange shades doesn't look to good on me, that's why i go with corals :)

Check out my blog, having a huge Giveaway

Erica J said...

Beauty Salons: I used to sell avon too! I miss it! but they do have some really great stuff. esp. makeup remover!

Corinne & Janine: honestly, i didnt think it was really going to look good on me. I wasn't sure but I stuck with the knowledge of knowing that if i dont like it, i can always take it back! I would give this a go.

i have fair skin, recently got a fake tan & a little bit of a real tan so I consider my self medium now. I have a cool skin tone. & i have highlights so I can speak for any of these types. my 2 friends also tried it 1 cool skin & 1 warm skin & they both loved it! i think it depends on your liking or taste as opposed to your skin tone or any of that

Erica J said...

& Corinne so glad I intrigued you! thats what i am here for, lol!

Spontaneous Beauty said...

I like both of these colors. I've heard so much about Revlon Siren. I must pick it up!

Erica J said...

yes spontaneous beauty! they are both awesome. thank you for stopping by!

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