Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pastel and Gold Arm Candy

With spring on it's way, the arm candy craze with surely be back with it. Here's some new arm candy I got from Charlotte Russe.

They always have a 2 for $10 sale running on most of the jewelry, so be sure to check them out! Not to mention, they have some seriously adorable pieces!

 The first set came in a set of three and I was realizing that if I was arm candy, I would probably be these pieces. Pastel, distressed skulls with gold beads? Yep! That's me! Don't ask where I get these scenarios from. I thought these were hella cute and couldn't pass on them.

The next piece was a toss up. They had a chunky, thick burnished gold chain that I thought I have been wanting for months put when I tried it on, it just wasn't wowing me. it seemed almost too much for me. So, I kept going back to this one and when I realized it matched my previous pick, I was hooked. This one still has the chain quality I was going for, just much less chunky (and more wearable in my opinion) which is connected to the  pastel pink faux leather band with a button snap closure. Not to mention, it's easy to wear as it isn't heavy. Plus, it is going to go with almost any other pieces of arm candy I have. Mixing gold and silver is really popular this year!

I especially love the way the chain bracelet falls. It will sometimes slightly twist around one another like so: 

Here's the back side. I actually wear the chain bracelet either way. Sometimes I will put the closure in the back and other times I will leave the chains back there. 

Trend alert:
Seems like everywhere I turn I am finding studs on clothing, pastels, and gold with silver in the same pair of shoes. Also chiffon. I don't think there was another type of top in Burlington when I went. Clothing haul coming soon.

Can't wait till it gets a little warmer out and I can wear this arm candy with a tee shirt.



XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

so cute! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

Erica Jackson said...

hi! oh no, hun! im sorry i am not follow for follow! the only reason i would EVER want you to follow my blog is because you like it! i dont want you to feel obligated to follow me just b/c i follow you, yah no? I hope you can understand where i am coming from, babe! but i would be happy to check out your blog and follow it if i like it (:

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Oh wow, how beautiful are these skull bracelets!! I have some skull bracelets but not with pastel colors:( Now I want them as well:)

Hope you visit me on my blog

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