Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Thoughts...

So, I have been meaning to do a 5 For Friday blog where you show 5 things or talk about 5 things on Friday. 2 Friday's have came and went and I didn't get it done! Instead of calling this Five For Sunday {it doesn't have a nice ring to it} Im going with Sunday Thoughts {clearly}. Plus, I have way more than 5 things here. Think of this as a haul. Or review. As always I have went overboard for Mind Body Beauty. It's turned into some weird obsession. Every single thing I buy or make, I feel like I need to take a picture of it before I use it. Then I get too exited and use half of it. My mom knows that basket of new things is off limits until photos are taken. Alex and Phil are used to seeing red and pink streaks down my arm. They know those are swatches and I am not suicidal. Those are my confessions. Let's move on. Although I would be open to do a Behind the Scene's type of blog post for those of you who are wanting some tips, or are just curious. I know I always am.


 I bought the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips from 5 and Below for $4. I was going to do a review but I didn't like these. At all. They just didn't work out for me. They did not look smooth or like nail polish. They just looked like a sticker. And they peeled and chipped off within an hour. On the other hand, my bfff Alex loves them. She says she doesn't have to worry about her nails chipping or anything for 2 weeks. So, they may work for you! But not for me.

I have been love Its a Trap-Eze! from China Glaze. It's a really pretty glitter polish with a white milky base. If you apply one coat, that white color turns clear and you have the glitter. More than 2 coats, the white shows up. I have been liking to put it over top Sally Hansen's X-Treme Wear nail polish in White On

I have been also loving this nail combo. China Glaze's It's a Trapeze! and Re-fresh Mint

I bought my mom a just because present. My resolutions had to do with making my world a better place and I am a firm believer that the blessings you give will come back on you ten fold. It says it in the Bible. Even if you don't believe in the Bible, try it anyways. You will feel good about it. Doing things for other people have been making me happy. That's not the only reason I bought my mom an oatmeal colored button-less cardigan. She has been wanting a reverse mullet style throw over for a while {I just made that style name up. You may use it at your own risk. People might think your weird..} I found it at Burlington for like $7! Here's everything else I found at Burlington.

Phil bought me a kitchen play set made out of chocolate for Valentine's day. How adorable and funny is that? You really can't play with it because it will melt. So I did the obvious thing and ate it. I didn't even share. So much for making the world a better place with my whole blessings thing.

Since I have been on a kick with my smoothies, I needed a portable tumbler {I almost spelled tumblr} to take with me to work every morning. They have a whole isle dedicated to to-go tumblers at Big Lots. I found this one for $3. It's been doing the job in style ;)

Omg these mixer melts, scent shots, tarts, whatever you want to call them are so awesome! Scentsational is a brand that you can find at Walmart and they are only a buck or 2. But when you melt them, they will fill up the whole room. Especially this one. It smells like clean laundry and soap. And it is so strong. Like good strong. I melted it in my room and as soon as you hit the steps in my 2 bedroom home, you could smell it. I have went through 7 tea lights and finally it lost it's scent. That's pretty good. I also mixed it with my last piece of Limelight from Tyler Candle Company Mixer Melt. I have been saving Limelight for years because it smells so good. I also love TwentyFourSevenGlam and French Market from Tyler. Lipstick sounds like a fun one too. I found the Tyler Mixer Melts at Hallmark a couple years ago. I should go back and buy more. They are my favorite. 

 Ever since I found out that these type of hair tie's will not leave your hair with a dent in it, I needed to try it. I am a server at a restaurant and it requires me to have my hair up for the day. Although these hair ties did a better job at not leaving a dent in my hair, I wasn't all that impressed with them. At least they are bright colors and just something different than your run-of-the-mill hair tie. Makes life a little bit more exiting.

Those are my thoughts!

Happy Sunday,


Coco said...

Re-fresh Mint and Trapeze are sooo pretty xx

Erica Jackson said...

i know! i love those 2! any pastel color is going to go perfectly with its a trap-eze!

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