Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fashion Trends I Picked Up

Spring is coming. I am exited. It calls for new, fresh clothes! Spring is my favorite time of year to shop. We have a new color of the year and a light, brighter color palette for the season. All the trends are a step up from the year before. This year so far, I went to Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, and Kohl's. Everywhere had chiffon tops, mixed metals + studs, and pastels. I wanted to buy everything! let me show you what I got:

Kohl's $25
A quarter length peach, chiffon {sheer} top with an oxford style collar with gold studs on the tips. This is the epitamy of what I have been seeing from store to store for this season. Pastels, Sheer Fabrics, Studs, + Metallic's. Everything I love so much. I found this top in the juniors section. It was much cheaper than any of the other chiffon tops from Lauren Conrad, Apt 9, Vera, or any of the other designers in that section. And for that matter, it was the cutest! The brand is IZ Byer.

Burlington Coat Factory $17
How adorable are these freakin shoes?! They are by the "Wanted" brand. I needed a new pair of nice flats and since these were $17, I grabbed 'em. Made from a metallic type of fabric, these are a cool toned taupe metallic color with gold studs. I love the little bow. Classy with an edge. These go perfect with the above blouse. Along with these earrings, I have the perfect outfit.

Burlington Coat Factory $7
I cannot go clothes shopping without getting some cute, comfy clothing. 9 times out of 10, I wear comfy clothes. The only time I get dressy is if im going out, if I have something special to do, or for OOTD's. In the summer I love dresses but I just really hate jeans so I feel like every day is either a yoga pants or sweats day. As long as they are cute! These peach sweats were too cute, useful, + too cheap to pass up. They have a white, thicker/wider draw string and go 3 quarters of the way down my leg. They were made to roll up. Like I mentioned, I am a sucker for anything pastel or dusty in color. $7!? How can you beat that?!

Old Navy $5
I actually bought this right after Christmas, right when everything at Old Navy is like %75 off.  I get at least 1 thing from the sale a year. I just thought this was really cute. A pink and teal colored jersey style tee.

Question of the day:
What is your favorite line from Kohl's? 
Lauren Conrad, ELLE, Apt 9, Vera, Rock and Republic are some of the designers I know off hand.
My favorite is Lauren Conrad. She always hits the spot for my trend craving's season after season. Have you seen her new collection?

I love it!


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