Monday, March 4, 2013

Avon Hit's and Misses.

I used to be an Avon representative a couple years ago and just like any other brand, there are hits and there are misses. I have found both in the bunch I have here. I ordered 3 Eye makeup Remover's (Holy Grail Status! The only remover I use) and they had a 4 for $10 going on with certain lip liners and eyeliners. I decided to go for that too. Let's start with those:

 Glimmersticks Lip liner
Please don't ask why they call them glimmer-sticks because there isn't a speck of glimmer or sparkle in them. As far as Pink Bouquet and Simply Spice go, these are all around a creamy finish. As you can see, these are twist up pencils- no sharpening required. These are both really, really nice. They aren't drying and don't tug on my lips either.

I am pretty fair and the Pink Bouquet was probably the lightest color they had, although it is a medium reddish pink. It has been working really well with all of my nude pinks, normal pinks, and underneath pink lip glosses. Poppy Red is a color of the season {a red pink} and is the hottest shade for the lips this season! Dont forget that with any lip liner, you can transform any lip color. If I wanted to bring a little bit of pink to a nude color, I could use this to do it.

Simply Spice is a medium brown nude. When I get some color, this will work even better with any nude lip sticks I have. I have been liking to use it to deepen any lip color I need to by simply lining the lips and filling in the edges of my lips, leaving the middle of my lips bare for just the lipstick to create some kind of contrast. Like Pink Sugar from Wet n Wild for example. A really, really light nude (almost concealer) color. Don't let the name throw you off!

Glimmersticks Eyeliners
Unlike their lip liner counterparts, the eye liner's actually do have sparkle to them. I think this might be what is making them awful though. They dont pack any kind of pigment punch or glide on easily either. It takes a couple strokes to get some color on the waterline and I am only speaking for Aqua Flash. Trying to get Golden Diamond onto the waterline, upper lash line, or even on my wrist for a simple swatch was impossible. Knowing I have been loving my nude liner on my waterline look, I thought I would give Golden Diamond a go only to be disappointed. You can tell from the swatch how bad that one is. Aqua Flash is good for lining my lash line and is at least better than Golden Diamond for the waterline but not by much. Once I get it anywhere in the inner rim, I doesn't really stay there. It just disappears after 1 hour at the most. If your looking for an aqua color for lining your lash lines, this might be good. Anywhere in the inner rim, you can forget it! I will try them both again and again and if I have any luck, I will let you know in a video, or on twitter, or something. Otherwise, find another line for lighter color eye liners.

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If your wondering my thoughts on the Makeup Remover, go to my Holy Grail page. In short, it is really soothing because it is a lotion, takes all my makeup off without tugging or making my eyes red and irritated.

What do Love and/or Hate from Avon?
Let me know in the comments!



Carly said...

I love the makeup remover! I also really like the brow pencils and the new cream eyeshadows. Thanks for some new avon ideas :)

Erica Jackson said...

o0o0oo they have a new cream eye shadow? i must check it out! thank you for the suggestion

RosyChicc said...

Aqua Flash looks so lovely! I love it; it's a gorgeous color to wear during spring/summer! :))


Coco said...

I have an Avon store close by so I'll have to try the makeup remover!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Great reviews!! I have a neighbor that sells Avon and they have my favorite hand lotion - Anew Hand Cream.

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Kimberley K said...

I haven't tried the Avon lip liners but will have to give them a try. Pink Bouquet looks lovely. The Glimmersticks look so nice but I find liners with a hint of glitter generally have poor colour pay off. Saying that, I've got a Glimmersticks Diamond in Sugar Plum and it's creamy, pigmented and glittery - really lovely! xx

Erica Jackson said...

Rosy: If you like the color of aqua flash then by all means give it a shot, but i am not so sure about it

Jayme: really? I never thought to actually try an anew hand cream!

Kimberely: nice! i know i have tried other glimmersticks (the black one) and they were nice! maybe it just has to do with the fact if the color is light or dark. the dark glimmersticks work and the lighter colors dont.

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