Friday, March 8, 2013

New Stuff from Target and 5+Below

Before I start showing you the things I bought, I wanted to tell you guys about poll on the side bar of my blog for a give away! Guys, please help me out and vote! It would mean a lot to me (: I already have a few things bought for it, but I am wondering 1) if you would be interested in a Pinterest challenge giveaway + 2) What kind of things you would like to receive from a give away. So please be sure to go over to the side bar and cast your vote! Thank you (: Other than that, let's get started

Target has some pretty amazing candles that I wasn't aware of. Red Velvet Cake, Lemon Meringue, Sweet Spun Sugar {cotton candy} Lily Gardenia (will be my next purchase!) and Sugar Blossom. I love florals for spring and summer so naturally Sugar Blossom is a must have for me! It smells like a floral sweet tart. Floral candles always remind me of perfumes, and this one reminds me of a body splash you would find at Victoria's Secret.

Safe Haven was on sale for like $5 at Target! So far, it is an easy read and I am going through it pretty quick and that can only mean that I like it! I was thinking of picking another one up for my give-away...what do you think?

from 5 + Below....

I bought 2 nail polishes. 
Both from Wet n Wild. 
From 2 different lines. 

Sugar Coat's brush reminds me of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure Line- it's flat and goes to a point. The polish also reminds me of that line, it's really nice, doesn't bubble up, and after 2 coats is covered. This is more of a sheer polish {not super sheer} it reminds me of jelly nails in that respect. I hear so much about this particular color I couldn't pass. It reminds me a lot of Kim-Pletely In Love from the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection, without the shimmer in it and Sugar Coat is more opaque than Kim-Pletely In Love.

Sparked I had to buy because it reminds me of my absolute favorite {well, one of my absolute favorite's!} glitter nail polishes...Essie's A Cut Above but Sparked doesn't have bigger glitters in it like A Cut Above. They are all tiny. I love it anyway. 

Wet n Wild Lipsticks
Are a little bit drying, but they are really pigmented. I bought Dollhouse Pink {reminds me of Narcissus from NYX} and Pink Sugar {clearly a nude}

On to something I was exited about but am not liking. I am sticking to my traditional sock bun. I mean, it seems legit. It's mesh and scratchy and seems like it would hold on to your hair really well. It just didn't work. It was hard to get all my hair around it because it's really tight. And once I do, my hair doesn't cover all of the donut up anyways. So if your hair is thin, it won't work. If your hair is thick, it wont work. It's a lose-lose. I feel like I am always reporting back with some dumb crap I have tried recently. Ima try and tell you all about some good stuff from now on (: hopefully!

Watch the video:
On top of everything here, I speak on a couple more favorites and purchases. Hope you like it (:

Side Note:
I announced on Twitter that I bought a DSLR Camera (Canon t3i 18mp) on QVC complete with 2 different lens for a steal! This is the exact one I bought so be ready for some pretty amazing content!...I hope, anyway! haha! If you know anything about DSLR's please let me know what you know with any links you have or any help. I am a total newbie and need all the help I can get

One More Thing:
Off the subject but have any of you seen End of Watch? Really good movies sometimes stick with me and this one is sad but really good. A slow start {me and Phil were like "ok wtf is this dumb shit?"} but towards the end everything starts making a lot of sense. If your into gangster and cop movies {my favorite} you just might love this on. Maybe ill open up a movie blog....nah!


thanks for reading 

and don't forget to vote in the sidebar for what you want in the giveaway! I need your help! 

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Hunter87 said...

Great goodies I would like to get that candle for myself.

Erica Jackson said...

hey! thank you so much for your input! ill go ahead and vote for yah! i couldn't appreciate it more (: honestly, thank you (:

Tiffany said...

That book & movie is amazing!!

& those two polishes look great layered =)

Georgia said...

I wish we had wet n wild here in england! I really want to read Safe Haven! I loved Dear John so i really want to give that a go :)

Please check out my blog if you have the time x

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