Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Camera {Pictures of the Day}

I got my camera, the Canon Rebel t3i 18mp DSLR....eos....something, something. I got it yesterday and I took a total of 90 pictures. Of nothing much. I took some pictures for beauty blog post's but now that I have them on my camera, they are a little bit blurry. This particular camera is supposed to counter-act blurriness but I only know how to take a picture with it. I know nothing else about. If anyone knows about this baby let me know! Otherwise, I will be reading up on the direction book. Here's the pictures from yesterday.....

FYI: This last photo was taken inside my bathroom with the window open...about 10-15 feet away? How crazy is that?! I used the 75-300 lens for that one.

Have a good one


Laila R. said...

I wish I had a camera like that!! I am now following.Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog~Following back:)


Townhouse Palette

Coco said...

hi :) I recently got a Rebel too (I ordered it so I don't have it with me yet) so I did a bit of research on it first. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of it. To prevent blurriness, the reviews online suggested always using the manual settings (never automatic) and changing the ISO (I think that's what it was called) often depending on the lighting. I have no clue of photography. Sorry I couldn't be of more help xx

Erica Jackson said...

check qvc. thats where i got mine and you can make monthly payments on it, Laila <3

Coco- seriously, that helps tremendously! because i had it on auto focus (af) not manual focus (mf)- yay! we got the same camera! now we can help eachother! too bad you didnt live closer, we could totally go out on blogging/photo expeditions...or something weird that bloggers probably do- haha! thanks for your help

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