Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader + Where to Follow me Now. Where Can I Follow You?

I do not like typing that. I have a fear that with the end of Google Reader, it will be the end of blogging and bloggers and all of that. I am hoping not! I am hell bent on that not happening! Luckily for all of us obsessive compulsive bloggers, we have other platforms. Hello Cotton, Blog Lovin, and now Google +. Google Plus seems kinda cool but it will take some getting used to. Google + has everything {blog, youtube, photos, +1} in one place. I added that to my side bar and it is just like Google Reader. Simply click on "add to your circle" and your good to go. Your back to following Mind Body Beauty. Then, when your on Google Plus,

>>Go To Home {in the left sidebar}
>> click on the "All" tab and it will look just like your Blogspot Dashboard. All of your "friends, acquaintances, family, etc," blog post's/pictures/videos will be there.

Blog Lovin and Hello Cotton are both nice. But my fave was Google Reader. To follow me on either of those platforms, go to my side bar and you will see these buttons:

or you can click these:

just click on those, then when you get to the page, click "follow"

hell, click them all and follow me on twitter and all the rest! Why not?

what are you guys going to be using from now on?
do you know of any other platforms to use?
what is this world coming to?
how am i going to follow all my blogs?

Please Please PLEASE Tell me what platform your going to be on so I can get at cha there! I want to follow all of my blogging buddies so let's all switch over together

all of my normal blog post's will resume tomorrow. I wanted to get this out there so I wasn't left behind.

and congrats to Linh for hitting 100 followers! I won her give-away! Can't wait to get the package and show you all everything

See you on the other side


Carly said...

Hey girl! I'm over at bloglovin. Also btw I got your comment about doing a banner exchange i would love to! Email me at purpleshampooblog@gmail.com and we can do that :)

Erica Jackson said...

hey Carly- i love your profile picture! i will email you soon enough then! I love purple shampoo. its one of my faves- and i will also catch you on bloglovin too (:

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