Monday, April 1, 2013

When Mint Monkeys Fly NOTW

I am so bummed I missed out on The Living Daylights from the Skyfall Collection from OPI. It was on my wishlist! While at Ulta I was getting jealous that my bff Alex bought When Monkeys Fly from the Wizard of Oz collection and I didnt have it. {which by the way, they did a great job on marketing that movie! They did such a good job, that I hope I never see a video, commercial, or advertisement again let alone the movie itself! haha!}

I asked her "Can we share it?" 

Alex: "Yah of course! But you know how forgetful we are so you should just get your own" 

....Well played, Alex. 
Yeah she's right. We suck at sharing. It turns into one of us borrowing it and the other one never seeing it again. So I bought my own. I do not think it would live up to The Living Daylights" but I love my glitters. I think it could have did without the bigger gold glitters. They are oddly shaped and the edges of them don't lay flat on the nail. As for the little glitters, they are really pretty. When they hit the light, you can see a rainbow colors in them. You will see a closer look in a moment. Pretty

When I got the nail polish home and decided to try it, I was put off my the fact that the gold glitters didn't lay flat on my nail. I actually thought in the store those were skinny glitters because of the way that shape reflects the light.

I added a coat on to what was already on my nails:

China Glaze's Refresh-Mint + Julep's Portia

Luckily, the trio fit together perfectly. The glitters in Portia is similar to the glitters in When Monkey's Fly, but Portia's pull a little more bluer {I feel like I am talking about a person}  Refresh-Mint is a sky blue {not mint, for whatever reason} and since Portia also has a sheer blue base, it turns Refresh-Mint into something a little more dustier and darker, but honestly a refreshing twist on an old pastel favorite {no pun intended...sike! it was intended}

Back to When Monkey's Fly. The hardest part was getting those hard to manage gold glitters in the right place. You have to add it to your nail by simply painting your nails like you normally would, then once the gold glitter is on the nail, hurry up and grab it slightly with your brush to move it somewhere on the nail to where it looks proportioned and nice. This required adding globs of nail polish on to each nail. 

Yeah, I had already painted Refresh-Mint and Portia on my nail earlier that day {I would say 4-5 coats total for the first 2 polishes} but I was still concerned that after I added 2-3 globbing coats of When Monkeys Fly {I keep on wanting to type when mint monkeys fly!} my nails were going to smudge. 

Can I tell you that it dried like seriously quick. Those big blobs of nail polish dried so quick, I couldn't even believe it. 10 to 15 minutes. Open a pop can. Type. Do whatever. They were dry. I am impressed with OPI. This is the only OPI polish I own {I know!} and if this is a testament to what all of their polishes are like, I don't mind paying the extra $1 instead of buying China Glaze.

I am on 4 days of this mani. There is some chipping. But remember, I am a server so I am constantly using my hands. Four days is a really long time! I usually see my polish chipping/peeling after 2 days.

I thought about taking it back honestly. I couldn't get over those weird shaped gold glitters. Then...

I have gotten an crazy amount of questions/compliments on my nails at work. I always talk about nail polish to a couple girls at work but other than that, there is really no nail polish. I had people {other than those girls} asking me to see my nails and asking questions.

Now trust me people, I am no pro at painting my nails. I have gotten better because I paint them so much but nobody is going to compliment my actual nails {my nail beds suck! I am being serious.} People will however want to see your nails if you are wearing the When Mint Monkey's Fly Mani. Or if your wearing When Monkey's Fly. At least I think that is what it is. This nail polish just has special powers or something. I went from not liking it to it being the best investment I could have made when it comes to nail polish

This blog post seems a little too long all for a nail polish. Am I joking? Geez. I am insane. 


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