Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Get Free Stuff for Your Blog + A Beautisol Tan Glow Review

Hey yall!

I hope that title drew you in because I know it would for me. I have had this blog for over 2 years now, and as you may know, I never have anything sponsored or anything like that. I have always wanted to go down that road {hey! It sound's like fun to me!} but don't really know how. I signed up iFabbo last year and every {week I think} they send out newsletters for Beauty + Fashion Bloggers. How to grow your blog, Spotlighting different bloggers, just a bunch of good stuff like that. It intrigued me.

Just recently, iFabbo had this great idea to open up a shop. iFabbo Shop. But you don't buy stuff with money. You buy it with points! You start out with so many points. You put in your order. They send you the stuff. And you review it to get more points by using hashtags. This allows me to think outside of the box and utilize more platforms for promoting Mind Body Beauty. If your a blogger, sign up! It's a fun challenge. You get free stuff. You do what you love and review that stuff. It gets the word out about the SHOP. This kind of stuff excites me. I don't have to feel weird because I know you love it too!

I figured the actual card they sent might be more helpful for those who are interested.

On to my humble review.

On my part, I messed up. I was so exited about the new SHOP that I didn't realize that this was actually a wash off body bronzer and not a gradual tanner. So even though this isn't perfect for building a tan, it is really awesome to use for a special night out. Or day out. Weddings. Picnics. Get together's. Let's face it. I will most likely use it when ever I am feeling frogy. Because it really is that easy.

When I first opened the box I noticed that iFabbo included a pink Starburst {so cute}. With that it also came with 2 instruction sheets: 1 for how to use the product and 1 for how to incorporate iFabbo and get involved.

Weather your using Beautisol Tan Glow Wash-Off Bronzer or not, the instruction sheet is still a good rule of thumb to go by for any type of self tanner/body bronzer. It tells you exactly where/how much to use in every area on your body.

It also came with a mitt! I have always wanted one of these! Again, these are great for any type of self tanner/ body bronzer. I will be using this even when my Body Bronzer is gone. I pumped X amount onto the mitt and I could not believe my nose...

This stuff smells amazing. Like a nice, clean body splash or soap. It smells nothing like a self tanner. Even after I have had it on all day, the scent still lingered.

As I started applying it to my body with the mitt, there wasn't any streaking. I waited for it to dry for a couple minutes {if that} and started working out. At this point, I really wanted to test it. After my workout, I didn't have any streaking or weird fading. So even on a hot day, I won't be afraid to wear it. Later that night I washed it off and I came off just fine.

I am still skeptical though. It says to avoid water and sweating so I have no idea how it stayed on when I was working out. Whatever! I'll take it.

It does say to exfoliate but honestly, I didn't do that. Oopsie! It didn't even matter. I worked perfectly without me taking that step.

As you can see, you get a subtle tan. I didn't want anything too crazy but sometimes I do go there. I did not re-apply this time, but next time I will. I will check back in with you on that once I do the tanning video.

So, yeah great product! If your looking for something that is a gradual tan, look elsewhere. I know Beautisol has gradual tanner's and if this is a prelude to the rest of their products, then I would love to try any gradual tanner they have. I have not though so I cannot tell you about those. Banana Boat makes a great gradual tanner if your looking for one!

I almost wish I could have an indifferent opinion about it, as I don't want to sound all sale's-ey but fortunately, I don't. It even exceeded the limits it said it could not {no sweating, exfolite}

My favorite thing about all of this is iFabbo SHOP. If your a blogger, check it out!

Beautisol has given me a link to use a promo code to get 20% off! I feel really cool, haha!


I hope you liked this review and more importantly, I hope you join iFabbo. It's a blast. And by the way, I do get more points if you use my link to buy it. Even if you don't buy and your interested, check out the link anyway! I'm not that beauty blogger that will hide behind any type of disclaimer, I got it for free and that's exiting for me! If your a beauty blogger, you can also get it for free too! Check out iFabbo.



KatXoXo said...

Great info!! I've had my blog for the same time and have only had a couple sponsored posts too. It's weird because some people just start out blogging and they have tons of sponsors. This was very helpful dear :)

Erica Jackson said...

sweet! i shall check out your blog (: you should sign up for ifabbo! i think you would really love it- it's a ton of fun!

ChrissyAi said...

This is a really thorough review, you did a great job.
I will however say that I disagree with your comment "I'm not that beauty blogger that will hide behind any type of disclaimer". I know that for most of us bloggers a disclaimer is a lot easier than stating in each post that we were given the products free, and can also appear as bragging to some people. In my case, before I even read a post I tend to look for a disclaimer just to know if it was sent or not before I begin. If anything, disguising it within a post seems more like hiding than a disclaimer that's stated as the first part of a post.

Erica Jackson said...

Chrissy: hey! thank you for your honesty! i am of course not saying that every blogger does that, or that i even see it often. i just know that there is such a fine line with this stuff and i would hate to insult anyone, esp. you as a reader. so thank you for the constructive criticism. As you know i am new at this kind of stuff and i would love your feedback on a gracious way to go about it without looking like a brat- haha!

ChrissyAi said...

I wouldn't say it's being bratty by any means just that some people could take it as bragging. I was stating that I don't see anything wrong with a disclaimer and disagreed with your comment. I could be wrong but I believe a disclaimer is actually required by law and is to be stated in clear view before the post begins.

Erica Jackson said...

great! thanks for your input- its great to know <3

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