Friday, May 24, 2013

Wedding OOTD // OOTN // Brides OOTN // The Wedding Experiene.

As you may know, I went to an amazing wedding a couple of weeks ago. Alex and I went with my good friend Donny to Ashileena's wedding. I met Ashley through Alex right after high school and the three of us were really close. When I was in college, Ashley and I were inseparable. Donny was also with Ashley and I a lot of that time in college. We had a really close group of friends and when I went to Las Vegas, it seemed as if everyone went their separate ways. All but Ashley. I would come back to visit and hang out with her the whole time I was in town from Las Vegas. Cut to today, I haven't seen Ashley in what had been a couple years! We really hope to change that though because we had a freaking blast! Her baby Mia and husband Darren are both awesome. 

Let me take you through the day.....

Alex, Donny, + I all met up at my house in our Sunday's best.

We took some pictures outside. Thanks to Donny, I got some pretty good OOTD's photos.

{{**edit. I would have loved to show you the pictures of all of us, but my computer crashed and all of my pictures I didn't upload to FB or MBB were GONE. Dang it!}}

Ruffle Floral Top: Body Central
Mint Fitted Blazer: Body Central
Coral Maxi Skirt:Wet Seal
Coral Sandals with Gold Detailing: Body Central
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: Tilly's
I love this maxi skirt. I just love the way it moves.
Then we got to the wedding just in time to see Ashley and Darren walk out of the church. She looked so beautiful. This was a perfect time for a photo-opportunity . Her dress was so nice. Cupcake style. Too bad I have no photos. Moving on....

Afterward, Alex went home to change and Donny and I got the party started! We decided to go to a local beer place. Turns out, this place has one of the biggest selections of beer in the US. Right down the street from me. Why didn't I know about this place? You can go in and fill up a six-pack of different flavors of beers, or you can drink them in the bar. They had one called Banana Bread I wanted to try, but I opted out for:

Coconut Flavored. Although I didn't really taste the coconut. 
It tasted like white wine mixed with juice. It was pretty amazing.

Donny looks so cute in this one:

Then Alex came back to my house and we drove to the reception. The reception hall was awesome. The chandeliers were big and blingy, I actually felt formal for the night .

my 2nd OOTN:
All I did was changed my top and skirt, and put on a romper from Body Central.
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Sugar Skull Romper: Body Central

Arm Candy:
Charlotte Russe  Jewelry:
Pastel Skulls
Spike/Pearl Braclet + Gold Skull Bracelet

The Gold Bracelet: Forever 21

Ashileena's OOTN:
A black peplum mini dress. Screams Ashley.

We drank,
We danced,
We Stole Things 
{Jason Mraz Ref.}

We did the photo booth

Then, it was time to get on the party bus!!

We were headed to downtown Youngstown. My downtown has a ton of bars and restaurants for any type of person. They have a thrift-store-by-day fashion-show-by-night with BYOB place, A luncheon place that turns into a really cool bar with an open mic at night. I once saw a girl play violin, a guy tap dance, and and another free style all at once. It was pretty sweet. They have a martini bar, a hip hop dance club, a bar with live music, and a few more dive's. We started out at 9ine {dance club} and just cruised the rest of the bars and clubs. So yeah, good times.

Ashley and Alex on the bus, talking and laughing. I love this picture. They are so cute!

Me // Ryan // Darren // ??


I took all of these while I had too much...Forgive me?

The night ended at Ashileena's and Darren's house. Phil was such a doll and picked Donny and I up from their house about an hour away to take us back to Youngstown.

We had a blast! Thank you to Ashley and Darren for such a spectacular night and for inviting me! I can't wait to get back together again! Congratulations pretty girl! I love you and I am so proud of you! You have a beautiful family and home and I was exited to be apart of your wedding day! I hope you guys renew yours vows some time really soon in the future so we can do it all over again!

I hope all of you MBB reader's enjoyed the blog post! 

If you wanna see more, feel free to go to my facebook page.

even though I had the cutest collages I made on GIMP for this blog post, and my computer crashed so they were lost, it still turned out ok, right? no. I just like things a lot cuter for the blog. Whatever...

Wasn't the bride gorgeous?!
Are you married?
What did your wedding dress{es} look like?



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