Friday, May 10, 2013

Bath + Body Works Candles.

Wow, wow, wow! I have been crazy busy ever since April ended. In fact, even at the end of April was really busy. In the midst of picking up a ton of extra hours at work, working out, tanning, beautiful days for walks, re-decorating my room, trying to make a couple good videos to put up, My blog has been backed up! I have my Give-Away ready and waiting and I promise I will have it up asap. Get exited! I am (:

I love the 2 for $22 sale they have. It allows me to stock up from season to season + share the candles I got. Some girl's collect shoes. Others, bags.  For me, it's candles. And jewelry. And makeup. And tops and blouses. Let's stop there and get on with it.

The 2 for $22 sales allow us to buy 2 for $22, then every other 3 wick candle afterward is $11 each.

In America this is an alcoholic beverage. I am not quite sure if the same holds true in Italy, but it doesn't smell like alcohol. This was the one I was drawn to the most because it seems like when I am in B+BW sniffing a ton of different candles, the scents all seem to mesh together and smell the same. This one smelled different than the rest. Let's face it, it smells just like Lemonade. But when I got it home, I realized it was my least favorite. I liked it, I did. It had a high scent throw. But after I burned it once, I wanted something else. The beauty of that is your allowed to burn the candle once and if you don't prefer it, you can exchange it for another one.I did just that. I will tell you later which one I got in lieu of Limoncello.

This is going to be in my current favorites. The scent description in my eyes {nose?} isn't correct. To me, this smells like Coppertone or sun tanning lotion. It reminds me of being in Virginia Beach or Nags Head beach at age 10 on a very hot day, playing in the sand and water. Then going to the boardwalk. I love this one. Truly love it. I bought a Candle's By Victoria candle in Coppertone awhile back and they are comparable but CBV's is more floral and powdery. Almost old lady like. Almost. Poolside is perfect in that it has a high scent throw {I can smell it throughout my bedroom which is big} but doesn't stray away from a Coppertone type of scent. You will either love it or hate it.

Watermelon Lemonade: 
I have not burned this yet because my mom said she liked it {it's going to be a Mother's day gift} and it has taken me a little bit of will power to not burn it because it smells so good. I have the lid off sitting next to my bed and every once and awhile I will catch a whiff of it even though it isn't burning. It smells just like watermelon. But sweeter. Like watermelon juice.

I exchanged Limoncello for this one. It was the one I initially wanted but didn't see it at the store the first time. OMG this one is amazing. Just like Watermelon Lemonade, weather it is being burned or not, you can still smell it. When I took my first whiff of it, it brought me back to middle school or high school. I don't why. But I do it reminds me of a body splash or soap I used to have. It's killing me because I cannot think of what it reminds me of. Grrr! It smells delicious. I am going with the description on this one mixed with a juice, popsicle, or gelato. You know that kind of scent. Food scents are my favorite.

That's it! I want to get some Wallflowers too eventually in a few of these fragrances. They have some really cute plug ins right now.


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