Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday

#1: A really cute button down chiffon top with skulls at Dots. So cute
#2. OOTN! Ugh! I love that one. I wore it to my friends wedding. A whole blog post's to come on a ton of outfits from that day.
#3. My Ulta was having an event where you could donate money and toys and food for the homeless baby doggies and kittys! They had makeover's too.
#4. Essie's Boom Boom Room with White On by Sally Hansen underneath.
#5. Arm Candy BCBG//Pastel Skulls//Spikes+Pearls//Silver+Gold
#6. Stell-anburg, the Stella Girl with a pink tutu from Old Navy
#7. White Chocolate Macadamis Nut Odwalla Bar. It was ok.
#8. Ashileena + Darren's Wedding. More to come, remember?
#9. A flower tree in my back yard.
#10. An old mansion in my town in the historical district. It is now a 5 plex. My friend Donny used to live in the part with the porch connected to it. It used to be just a dining room and was turned into a 1 bedroom. I love it inside. They still have a secret passage for the butler's.
#11. An operating room at the turn of the century.
#12. Philly and Stella's with a fake bow. The bow is a filter on Photo Wonder.
#13. The Renner's mansion. In the historical district.
#14. Meal 4: Cherries, Naked Chips, + Pico De Gallo from Wal-Mart {pico was so good}
#15. Stambaugh Auditorium. I used to dance in high school and that was where all of our recitals were. Me and my friend Becky would sneak into all of the secret passages and ended up in the attic. It was huge and awesome. If you couldn't tell, I love old architecture.

c yah!

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