Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mind Body Beauty's First Give-Away

R u ready?!

Omg I have been collecting stuff for months now.....haha. Here's the deal. I got my job I am at now back in November and it is the longest standing job I have had and I am so exited that I found somewhere that I can be of service. I actually feel like I bring something to the table here. No, I don't make a ton of money but enough to do some fun things. My blog is one of those things I save money for and this is the type of stuff I spend that money on. I am blessed. Which means I want to bless u all. And I am already collecting stuff for a new give-away. I hope to shoot for the middle of summer with that one. When I first started my blog, it was formerly Meet Makeup. I had a giveaway 2 Christmases ago {wow. that long ago?} when I was Meet Makeup.

In light of GFC being done with at the beginning of July, I figured this was the perfect time to give-away some stuff to encourage everyone to follow me on Bloglovin. That's the catch. Follow me on Bloglovin. I am really bummed about GFC closing down. I think every blogger is nervous that blogger blogs will be forgotten about. Maybe I should switch platforms? Like Wordpress? But I like the community here so if your a blogger like me, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Good Stuff

 Physician's Formula 
Happy Booster
Remember my CVS haul? That was fun. This was the only thing I paid for thanks to CVS extra bucks. That's another story. I figured this would make a great prize because Physician's Formula is one of my favorite brands, especially their blushes and bronzers. You get two in one. Pretty awesome.

Wet n Wild Trio
Silent Treatment
This is probably of my favorite trio from Wet n Wild. I almost bought a Physician's Formula eyeshadow palette but the Wet n Wild one's are more pigmented. They also really know how to pair colors. I never see an ugly color from them. That Lid shade is to die for. The crease shadow is extremely dark. The brow bone shade is a little more sheer but I use a fluffy blending brush to apply it underneath my brow bone anyways rather than a dense pack-it-on brush. It gives a softer finish that way.

Sweet Spun Sugar Candle
I love these candles. I have a few of them. They have a great scent throw and this one smells amazing. I would say it smells more like a juicy candy rather than cotton candy. I figured this would be the most universal fragrance. I hope you enjoy it! (:

Donna Michelle
Caviar Beads
There is a secret about these that I talk about in the video (: I love these and use these all the time. I only do my bling finger as there just isnt enough to do all 5 nails. But it makes for a killer mani!

Kardashian Kolor {Nicole by OPI}
This is a fun little try-em-before-you-buy-em type of gift set. I have this set and the pink set and I really like these nail polishes. They dry to a really glossy and hard finish. I love using Khlow had a Lam-Lam with the gold caviar beads. So dang cute!

The Official Rules 
{1 is mandatory. You can do both and you will get 5 extra entries.}

-Follow me on Bloglovin.
-Subscribe to the Mind Body Beauty Youtube channel.

once you have done one or the other, leave a comment in the comments section here on MBB or the giveaway video on Youtube.

You can tell me....
what you want to see in future give-aways.
what you thoughts are about GFC and changing platforms.
what you like about my blog/videos
what you think I can improve on
whatever your inspired to talk about, say it!

The comment goes hand in hand with the first two. So pick one, or do both and get the extra entries but I need to know you want to be entered so leave a comment.

Extra entries:
There are a ton:

1 point:

5 points:
  • Mind Body Beauty now has a Facebook page! Like it 
  • Blog about the give-away
  • Put the give-Away in your side bar {along with the 1st picture}
  • If your a blogger yourself, feel free to add this giveaway to your sidebar, using that first picture.
  • Feel free to write a blog post about the giveaway

Comment Template:
Your Name:
Your E-Mail:
Bloglovin' URL:
Youtube Name:
Answer to any question:
Twitter Handle:
The twitter URL if you tweeted about the giveaway: 
Instagram Handle:
Pinterest Handle:
Blog URL:
Blog post URL to the blog post's if you blogged about it:

So leave your info in the comments!

The giveaway will end on July 4th and I can ship to anywhere in the US!

It will be announced....
On the youtube video
On this blog

Good Luck



Calli W said...

name: Calli
email: freefragmentsfresh at gmail dot com
youtube name: Calliandra
Been looking to try caviar beads!

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Your Name: Natalie
Your E-Mail:
Bloglovin' URL:
Youtube Name: natgirl99
Answer to any question: What's in my Makeup Bag Video Request (left as a Youtube comment)
Twitter Handle: @natlovesbeauty
The twitter URL if you tweeted about the giveaway:
Instagram Handle: @natalielovesbeauty
Pinterest Handle: Nat Loves Beauty
Blog URL:

I am also hosting my very first giveway, so make sure to enter on my blog! :)

Lia~♥ said...

Name: Lia


Bloglovin' URL:

Youtube Name: a2xydango

Answer to any question: I'm sad that GFC's gonna be removed since I'm a blogger myself. I do hope they change their minds about it.:(

Thanks for the giveaway! Also, I've tagged you in the 7 Deadly sins of Beauty Tag, hope you'll have the time to do it!:D

Linda Florentine said...

I love the design of your blog. I found it through the Beauty Blog Hop. Just followed.

x Linda

Sana HS said...

Hi Erica :)
I just discovered your Youtube channel and I really like your personnality
Sorry for your computer :/ that happened to me last month and I lost all my personnal files, including my thesis work :( and I couldn't get anything back :((
Thank you for the great giveaway! That's so generous of you :))
The items look so great. I hope I could be the lucky one, so I could get the chance to try these brands for the first time, because none of them are available where I live :((

Name: Sana Hadj Salah
Bloglovin' URL:
Youtube Name: SanaTunisia
Answer to a question: I'd love to see TAG videos and some makeup tutorials
Facebook: Sana Hadj Salah (I was the 6th one to like your FB page ;) )
Twitter Handle: @SanaHadjSalah
The twitter URL:
I followed you on Pinterest
Giveaway Repin:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed (^_^)
Good luck everyone!
Kisses from Tunisia xoxo

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