Saturday, May 18, 2013

Update + Favorites


 Ok, so it has only been 4 days since I posted a blog but I wanted to update you all on what's up with me. 

Earlier this week, my computer crashed!!!! I had taken all of my photos and filmed the video for the following blogs/videos:

Wedding OOTD's 
Top 10 ELF Products
Curly Hair Products
Favorite Ways to Tan + What's in my Tanning Bag

....along with a million other misc. photos of back-up blog post's that I never use anyways. Not to mention all of my personal photos are all gone, gone, gone.

Lukcily, I am going a guest blog post for someone special and I had already wrote/sent out one of those blog post's and it should go live in the next week or so. As soon as it does, I will alert you guys so you can check it out. The wedding OOTD's: I had already uploaded some of those photos onto blogger but not all of them. Luckily, Ashileena has pictures of her in her wedding dress so I can borrow those for my blog and that will be up as soon as I get those photos. 

So yeah, I am starting from scratch. That's ok! I will just have to put in some extra work. 

I hope you all don't mind! If you do, there's nothing I can really do for you but I doubt you really care. So expect the OOTD's some time this weekend and a blog post later this week. Thank you for your patience!

Now, for a video. I had plans to post this along with some photos here on MBB, but yah no the story. Enjoy


Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Oh no! :( Sorry to hear you lost so much of what you worked on! Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts! :) xx

Erica Jackson said...

yeah this week has been set back after set back it seems like! lol! oh well, i suppose! i will have to re-do everything. i guess shit happens- (:

Elle Sees said...

i am having computer issues tonight! i'm trying to get all the posts line up and pack...stress! :/

Erica Jackson said...

shees! what is going on around here?! lol i hope everything gets worked out, babe! good luck! no worries on this side of the screen, by the way. ;)

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