Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Funday

 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Monday Funday is not a thing. I am late. This was supposed to be a Sunday Funday post but now it's a Monday thing. Woah. My freaking computer desk is falling apart as im writing this. Let's just move on and pretend none of these things matter.

The past couple weeks have been busy and fun. We moved from one house to another and if you have ever moved, you might know a little about what I am going through. On top of moving to another house, we also had to move my uncles stuff out of the house so we could move in.

While moving I found a fondue pot that has never been opened, much less used. When I lived in Vegas we used to love going to the Melting Pot and I wanted to re-create it. I had Alex, Philly, all the dogs, my little cousin's Chrissy and Seth, and my aunt and uncle over for the event! I felt sweet, im not going to lie. I even broke out the "good china" which I am now using as my daily dishes. No big deal. A formal dessert party with a great wine pairing. If you think hoodies and flip flops are formal. Oh yeah, there was also beer.

We had chocolate fondue. Warm 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream. Bring to almost a boil. Then add a bag of chocolate chips. Stir it up. Transfer to the fondue pot. Boom. Your done. For dipping we had the following:

Pound Cake
Angel Food Cake
Raspberry Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake

On the last day in the old house, we seen the most gorgeous sunset. Thank you, Ohio summers! I will miss having all that land. But I am glad I have neighbors. Alex to be exact. She lives 2 streets over! I love that.

I have been obsessing with making everything so adorable and darling in the "new" house. I use the " " because the house isn't really new to me. It was my Mumum's house and the house my dad grew up in. We revamped the whole place. It's kinda new. I used some scrapbook stickers for my pen holder and I am going with only cute pens and pencils from here on out. I'm not a snob. I just know what I like.

I have also been eating unhealthy lately. I excuse it saying it's just the move and we can't spend money on groceries like we used to. Obviously home decor, Cedar Point, and editing programs are much more important. But these were $1 each at Wal-Mart. Omg I love flavored Greek yogurt. You can have that"fruit at the bottom" crap. Chobani is my favorite brand and when I seen they had actual flavored yogurt, I had to buy some. To make it even better, they came with mix-ins. The Key Lime one is amazing. I want to try the Blueberry one today.

My days have also been filled with this old girl. Thats Chelsea, Chooch-a-lou. I feel bad because my uncle lived here, but didn't really live here with her. He was gone a lot. She was Mumum's dog but Mumum died almost exactly 3 years ago. It came down to my uncle not even having 1 piece of furniture and she was here all by herself, mostly. It looks as if she is going blind. She is an old dog. She came with the house. Stella loves having another dog around and Chooch is old but she can play and run. I love her. She looks so happy now! That was my one concern when we were moving. I wanted to move in asap to be with her.

Sunday, I drank strawberry wine, gave my myself a pedicure, and watched 9/11 documentaries while Stella and Chooch napped. Stella like's to sleep on the computer chair. I think it's because I always sit here and it smells like me.

that's everything! Well, not everything but everything that was interesting and cute. 

How has your August been going so far?

Thank you for viewing!


Lia~♥ said...

I love greek yoghurt too! And that dog is adorable; it's great that you'll be ablw to spend ore time with her now!

Belle Epoque

Erica Jackson said...

hey Lia: well in that case, you MUST try those chobani yogurts. i have been raving to everyone about them. so delicious. and yes thank god chooch has a new found life. poor baby was here all by herself. thank you for supporting me (:

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