Friday, August 23, 2013

August Ipsy Products Review

Better late than never, right? Truth is, I wanted to give myself some time before I started writing all about everything. I find that when I give you a first impression type of blog post, I tend to regret what I said about it a week of two later. My opinion is always changing anyhow and I would rather review these things than haul these things. Every blog is hauling the Ipsy stuff. I actually really like to read and watch the Ipsy hauls. They are what made me want to sign up for Ipsy in the first place. However, I thought I would do what I used to do with Birchbox and review everything. It's more helpful, right?  That's a long winded explanation! Let's move on...

Micheal Todd True Organics
Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub {$18}
I always hear different beauty vloggers and bloggers talking about this skin care line. I have always had it on my wishlist, I just never bought it.  I use Proactiv on a daily basis and have a ton of it, so this face wash was just a wish and not on my shopping list.  It is black. Strange. It is for all skin types and is said to draw out impurities. My skin is combination skin. It is oily and dry and it tends to break out a lot. Even though it is a scrub, it is very gentle on the skin. Gentler than Proactiv. My face feels soft after I use it. Along with the exfoliator in with it, the rest of the formula turns into a foam, not like Proactiv. It is a really good face wash/scrub. I would consider buying this the next time I am out of my Proactiv face wash. I wouldn't normally say something like that so soon in regards to skin care, but this stuff is pretty awesome. It has also been keeping my spots at bay pretty well. All of those things combined, I am sold.

Alight BB Cream {$16}
 I talked about the Coola Tinted Moisturizer that Ipsy sent out last month. I mentioned how I liked it and was the best tinted moisturizer/BB cream I have ever tried, but doesn't wow me. This one on the other hand is great. It has a nice cream finish and doesn't feel too liquidy and like it is sliding off of my face. It has a nice finish to it. It really does blur imperfections and makes my face and skin tone look even. It doesn't cover up my freckles. Honestly, it gives a glow to my face without it being all sparkly. You know those BB creams I am talking about with that sheen to them. {I'm looking at you, Tarte!} Ugh, I hate that finish. To me, this is the perfect BB cream. Being light and airy, and actually covering up imperfections while making my face look fresh. This BB cream has that special something that I didn't even know was possible. Ok, that sounds so dumb. But it's true. Spring of 2014, this will be on my list.

Urban Decay Lipstick
Anarchy {$22}
 If you know me, you know I love bright lipsticks and pink lipsticks. This was right up my alley. It's a very pigmented bright pink that doesn't dry out my lips. That quality is hard to find in a bright lipstick. Because of that, it is the best bright lipstick I have tried. I have never gave a second look to any Urban Decay lipsticks. I have a gloss from UD that I love and now Anarchy is joining my collection of UD lip products. I have yet to meet one I don't like. Even though I like it, I probably won't purchase it. I do not have 1 high end lipstick and if I ever bought one, I would buy one that is more or less wearable for any day, any season, and for any look. I have so many bright pink lipsticks and you can find some really good ones at the drugstore. Maybelline's Fuchsia Flash is almost the exact color of Anarchy. Anarchy is a little deeper in color. The only thing that separates this from the rest is the fact that it stays creamy. 

Mica Beauty
Shimmer Powder in Bronze {$10}
Wow. This is so pretty. Since I got it, I have been using it everyday on my lid. I just tap my finger on the cap and then press it onto my eye lid. I get a nice, rich, duo chrome bronze every single time using that simple method. Sometimes metallic duo chrome eye shadows can be deceiving. They look really pretty in the pan but don't deliver that color onto the eye. This one does not have that problem at all. Granted, I have yet to use a brush with it but my finger works so well with it. I also never get that much fall out, if any fall out. I love this stuff.

Lash Boosting Mascara {$17}
I have always wanted to try Pixi. All of their stuff is so cute! This is a deluxe sized sample of mascara. Because of that, the wand is smaller. If I were able to try it with a bigger, normal sized wand I might like this a lot better. Or maybe not, actually, considering that the mascara tends to transfer onto my lid- big time. I have been liking it my for bottom lashes because of those things. Comparing it to my all time favorite mascara, Mally's Volumizing Mascara, Pixi's doesn't make my lashes as full or as long as they would be if I was using my Mally favorite. Pixi's Lash Boosting Mascara makes my lashes longer and volumized, yes. But only to a certain degree. It makes my lashes more long than voluminous. Maybe I am spoiled with my Mally mascara. If it didn't transfer onto my lid so much I might really love it. It's good but not great.

Whoopsie! Almost forgot to include the swatches.

From left to right: 
Pacifica BB Cream, Urban Decay Anarchy, and Mica Shimmer Powder in Bronze. 

I wanted to give you a "swatch" of the BB cream blended out. So where the swatch used to be of the BB cream, it is now a blended out swatch. Not the greatest blending job but you can kind get the idea. From here, it looks shimmery but there is no shimmer in it. I swear! lol

I have really been loving getting the Ipsy bags each month. Birch Box was great because after building up points, you got to get free full sized products. I also miss trying out all the skin care. But, as you can see I got a really nice Micheal Todd face scrub to try out. I find myself actually using these Ipsy products on a daily basis. Not to mention the company was founded my Michelle Phan, debatably, the original beauty blogger.

thank you for reading!


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

That UD lipstick shade is so pretty!!

Erica Jackson said...

omg i no! it is perfect for me! right up my alley

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