Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holy Grail: Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trios

I took my Holy Grail Page down for a moment. I may just make a blog post dedicated to my holy grails. As for now, I want to talk about my favorite eyeshadow's. As you most likely know, Wet n Wild eyeshadow's are the most pigmented eyeshadow's at the drugstore. They are also probably the cheapest too. The 6 pan eyeshadows are around $6, Single pan eyeshadow's are under $1, and the trio's are like $3 a piece. I have one single pan eyeshadow from Wet n Wild which I talked about here. I honestly don't have any 6 pans. Unacceptable.

Something always draws me to the trios. They are always ascetically pleasing and each color seems cohesive with each other color. They always choose the perfect colors and finishes to correspond with the other shadows in each trio. Each trio is "created to highlight, define, and accentuate your eye" and even has the directions molded into the eyeshadow. It doesn't get much easier than that. I find that when I don't go by the obvious rules imprinted into each shadow, they still look pretty paired in different areas.

Aside from the pretty colors, pigment, and price, most of the shadows are easy to blend. We can talk more about that later. Let me take you through each palette.....

The Silent Treatment
My favorite palette. It is on the cooler side of the neutral color spectrum.The brow bone color being a satin finish, it has the least pigment but I think it does the job because of that. It doesn't look so stark and powdery. It has a nice finish. Pairing that with the deep pigmented crease color, and the nice shimmery eyelid color, it makes for a gorgeous look.

satin neutral pinkish color. As neutral as pink can get.
black brown with silver glitter.
Brow Bone: 
shimmery cool toned taupe

Im Getting Sunburned
A very shimmery, dramatic summery palette. It has a nice pop of color with the Brow Bone color but is still anchored in corresponding neutrals. The Brow Bone color looks great on the lid too. This palette has the best pigment of them all. I can attribute that to the finish of each shadow. 2 shimmers and the crease color being a deep color with glitter.

Brow Bone:
shimmery cool toned blue based pink. Otherwise known as purple.
a deep brick red based brown with red glitters.
shimmery true gold. Reminds me of Half Baked from the Naked Palette

Knock On Wood
The obvious red/brown palette. Very wearable and different in my opinion.

Brow Bone:
baby pink with some glitters in it 
{glitters with an s? Im not an English teacher. Just a beauty blogger. were going with glitters on this one}
A brown with a duo chrome red aspect to it. Very pretty. Not as deep or pigmented as the other crease colors.
My favorite color in the trio. A shimmery maroon. umhp. So pretty.

The only thing I must say that could possibly be a problem is those crease colors.  Most of them are very deep and very pigmented. This can make it harder to blend if your not careful. For me, it is difficult to place the color then blend it out with those crease colors. They tend to not blend out well if you over do it with the first application. So the best advice I can give you is to tap off the excess! 

Another great tip for using the crease colors is to use a tapered eye brush to apply the color. I love Sigma's E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush for this. Then I will blend the crease color out with the brow bone color using Sigma's E35. It's a nice blending brush but I do wish I could find a blending brush a little bit smaller. I have hooded eye lids so I don't have as much lid space as the next person.

Those are my thoughts on the Wet n Wild trios. They are great quality for a really cheap price and that is what equals a holy grail to me. Something that will make you look like a million bucks and you only have to spend a few pennies. Or 300 pennies. Which isn't that much.

quick side note:
I am sure you guys are wondering where in the world i have been. Maybe? Maybe not? I never believed in giving any sort of explanation before about the lack posts. Maybe it's because I would never go longer than a couple weeks. Maybe because I like to keep this as a hobby and when I decide I need to explain why I am not doing it, it feels like a chore. But it has been 2 and a half years that I have been writing on this very blog and I actually felt pressed to get back into it since the beginning of August. I have been moving! We are finally moved into the new house. It's the house my dad grew up in and the house my Mumum lived in {my dads mom} until the day she died so it is kinda cool to call it my own place. We pretend Mumum haunts it. Is that sick? Probably. We even inherited my Mumum's dog, Chelsea. AKA Chooch. aka Winston Choochill. AKA Susan Choochie. AKA Choochin Luchi. We finally got internet and cable! Oh God. I need to shut up before this becomes more than half of the blog post! I will have updates for you guys in the form of videos and blog posts. Stay on the look out for my room tour. It's gunna be a good one. I will show you how to make your room look awesome and well organized for way under $50. Ok, later!

Thanks for reading!

Whats your favorite eye shadows from the drugstore?


Coco said...

I think Silent Treatment has got to be my fave. Great pictures! x

Erica Jackson said...

do you?! i love that one too. it seems like that is everyone's favorite one. it was the first one i bought. that eye lid color is so pretty. i had to have it. and i also like the brow bone color. it isnt the most pigmented but it has a nice finish. i dont want that stark pink white color on my eye lid that pigmented, anyhow. i think i already mention that though! haha! thank you for reading and commenting and supporting me! it means a lot Coco (:

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