Sunday, July 29, 2012

Avon Lipstick's

Avon lipstick's are very overlooked in my opinion in the beauty world. They are around the price of a Revlon lipstick (anywhere from $5 - $8) but the downfall is that you can't get them at a drugstore! Call your Avon lady, girl! Or you can Google Avon to find a rep. near you. Don't buy straight off the site because then no reps are benefiting. You could if you wanted to, but why not jump at the chance the help a girl out, yah no?

I have 3 lipsticks from 2 different lines.

could not be any truer to color!

Farthest Left: Twinkle Pink (U4) from the Ultra Color Rich line.
I am pretty sure this is their main lipstick line. This lipstick goes on really smoothly and has a frosty finish on the lips even though it looks the sheerest of them all when swatched on the hand. I would call it a simple medium pink. Your not going to have to worry about it settling in the lines & I think that may be due to the finish. Not that this lipstick is drying (because it isn't) but if your looking something to add more moisture and color check out the Moisture Seduction line!

The 2 lipsticks on the right are from the line Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction.
To put it very simply, this would be Avon's take on the "Lip Butters". Except they had a year running start. Me personally, I like Avon's way better then Revlon's version. Avon's Moisture Seduction line are both moisturizing and pigmented. I have found Revlon's Lip Butter's aren't much for pigment...or moisture if I am comparing them to the Moisture Seductions! You see that swirl of white going through the Mositure Seduction lipsticks? That's your balm! Most importantly, the lip balm running through it isn't going to compromise the color at all. If anything, it will leave more of a glossy finish. Plus, these smell like punch!

Middle: Tangerine (P302) from the Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction line. 
This lipstick is nothing new on Mind Body Beauty. I wore it when I channeled Kourtney Kardash a long time ago & it was also in a trendy blog post about orange/tangerine lipsticks (my favorite summer trend!). This is a cross between an orange and a medium pink which makes it a nice, wearable, coral. This lipstick would be the most with a cream finish out of the 3 but comes off with a little frost (glossy) on the lips.

Right: Perfect Pink (P01) Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction line. 
This lipstick looks similar to Twinkle Pink however, this one is a shade or two deeper in color and I would categorize this as more of a berry color as opposed to a true pink. But this does have that same frosty finish. When I say frost, I mean a nice color payoff along with a glossy, shimmery look.

in the same order as shown above, but with different lighting:

If you wanna order from an Avon Book, I recommend looking up swatches of different colors you want online. Their swatches can be a tad bit misleading.

Before I end this, I wanted to talk about the packaging. It is really nice & durable. As far as the quality of the packaging goes, it reminds me of something that may be sold in a department store. Your not going to have to worry about the lipstick falling out. It is in there, like swim wear!

I have another lipstick that I forgot about and didn't get a picture. Oops! It has been in my purse but I think I will have blog post on it somewhere, sometime because it is so pretty.

Have you guys tried these?
Do you know any other great lipstick/moisture duos? 

Thank you for reading!


ASH♥ said...

Twinkle pink looks sooo pretty and girly!^^
I'm a new follower, and I've linked your button on my blog too, mind linking mine if you'd like to?:)

Ashlee said...

These all look so pretty!!

Erica J said...

Ash: you are my first one to grab my button! yay! I just made it a week or so ago so I am glad to have someone use it! yay!

Ashlee: thank you for commenting!

Tawny said...

Those look great!
I'm a new follower from BLT hop, love your blog! xx
Beauty by T

Erica J said...

nice to meet you Tawny (:

pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it!
I'm your newest follower -- hope you can check my blog out too! : )

Anonymous said...

I love Avon lipsticks!

Erica J said...

Nice to meet you pretty little girl (:

tiffany: me too! love love love it!

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