Friday, July 20, 2012

Serious Holy Grail + New Holy Grail Page!

Wow. I have no clue how my makeup braved the summer months without this puppy. In all honestly, it really never did. Sure I used a primer thinking that that was as good as it gets: there's no "perfect fix" for in-tact makeup on summer days. Until now!

I find when I use the De-Slick I don't even need a primer to make my makeup lasts. (If I wanna fill in my pores, that's a different story! I will need a primer!) This seems to hold up on even the hottest, humid days. I got ready, ran errands, came back 5 hours later only to look in the mirror and notice my flawless skin. But wait! That's not my skin! It's my foundation still in the same place I put it hours ago! I knew right then I was hooked on this! 

As for the powder(s) on my face holding up, it was 50/50. All in all, the blush lasted longer than usual but not as long as the bronzer and foundation. Let's just say it will be there until you wash it off!

My mom has even been using it. Every time she walks out the door for 5 minutes, her makeup melts immediately. Since she's been using this, she mentions that nothing else has ever had this effect. Her makeup stays put!

The De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray is the oily skin version! FYI: My face can get oily sometimes so I grabbed this one! My mom's face is not very oily at all and it worked for her! They do have other setting spray's for other types of skin so check your local Ulta! 

Urban Decay teamed up with Skindinavia to create these setting sprays. If you can't find a good setting spray for your skin type with Urban Decay, Google Skindinavia and find their website to see if they have another version of a Setting Spray that may work better for you.

Have you guys checked out my Holy Grail Page?! It has been under construction for a while and I just recently put the finishing touches on it for a great list of great products! Check it out! Let me know what you think!

What is your holy grail must have?

p.s.: I will be back before Sunday night for a really fun Kardashian workout! If your watching the new one on Sunday, spice it up with a corresponding workout! I also have a Teen Mom workout too! Oh yeah! Get exited!



Laura Morrall said...

This sounds great! I've never seen or heard of anything quite like this but I might try it :) Thanks for sharing.

Also thank you for stopping by my blog, now following you back!

Laura xx

Erica J said...

hi Laura and your welcome! wow I almost can't believe youve never heard of this, lol! I am glad to be the one to bring it to your attention! it is a must try! they have little bottles @ the check out counter at ulta if you just wanna give it a go

Charlotte Louise said...

This sounds amazing! Can't wait to tru it. So glad that UD are not selling to China anymore :)
x x

Savanna said...

I also just bought this from Ulta and it is the best buy I could think of! I will definatley be going back to get the full size very soon!

Great blog :)

Erica J said...

Savanna you took the words right out of my mouth chick!

I was not aware of that Charlotte!

Gem D said...

Great post. I found your blog thru the blog hop

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