Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Since I have decided to get healthy, I have been drinking my healthy potion every morning. I am not a nutritionist & I am not good with medical jargon, if you will, so I took it upon myself to explain it with bullet points, in layman's terms. The coolest thing about this drink I think is that it will literally burn fat. That's amazing.

Before last week, I used to just grab a plain green tea pack. But, I found these little gems of green tea in different flavors. They have 4 flavors in all but I ended up getting the Mango one and the Acai Berry & Blackberry one. 2 for $3! This was great for me because I am not a huge fan of green tea. I just know I need to drink it because it's good for me. 

Quick review on Bentley's Green Tea: As soon as I opened up a mango packet I smelled mango. It tastes like both green tea and artificial mango. I personally think it is a better option then just regular green tea.

So I was looking for something to put together in the morning that would speed up my metabolism, & give me energy. If your on the same journey, look no further!

1. 1 bag of green tea (or 2!)
2. the juice of 1/2 a lemon (or a full lemon! I use 1/2)
3. 1 tbl. honey
4. dash of cinnamon

Good To Know 
-It's a tangy, sweet, & spicy super drink!

-Weather you drink lemon water or green tea with lemon in the water, it still counts as water since green tea doesn't have caffeine or sugar in it.

-Remember, to get the benefits of the green tea, you must drink it normally! I have a cup every morning.

-I like it warm because I think it is better for you that way: especially with the lemon in it. Don't quote me but I am almost positive. Follow the links to find out more info about everything! It is actually pretty interesting stuff!

-It can replace your caffeine!  I usually have a cuppa coffee or a small glass of coke along with it but sometimes nix those and I feel just as energized!

-Lemon Juice in hot water is believed to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well. Sounds good for any hangover!

-The Green Tea has a lot of antioxidants, and that the stuff that reverses the signs of aging.

-When I started digging deeper I started to realize that even though these ingredients do amazing things when consumed alone, the benefits when you combine them are even better.

"a few human studies that have shown that drinking at least two cups of green tea daily inhibits cancer growth."- link

"Honey is nature's energy booster, Honey is a great immunity system builder,  Honey is a natural remedy for many ailment" link

disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. If you have a question, feel free to ask but I may not have an answer! If you however do have answer to a question please leave it below for everyone! For more info, follow the links!

Cinnamon 1 & 2
Lemon Water

Whats your Favorite morning energy booster?

Thanks For Reading!


Jessie said...

I normally drink green tea for the antioxidants and my "daily dose of anti-cancer" since there's so much cancer in my family. I hope it helps when I'm older since I'm only 18 now. As I'm comfortable with my weight, I don't drink it for weight loss, but I'd love to try it the way you drink it :) It sounds yummy!

I found you on the BlogLoveTherapy blog hop and I'll definitely be following you! I love your blog!

Erica J said...

yes it is really good & even if you do not wanna lose weight, it has a million and 1 health benefits. if your active, boosting your metabolism will help you go that extra mile, too! a natural sugar high i guess I could say. except there's not sugar! you get the point, lol! and cancer runs in my family too! it seems as if it hits close to home every where these days. I hope our green tea will help us out!

Santana Vitales said...

this si so intresting! Im goin to try this , I have the stuff at home!

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