Friday, July 27, 2012

Healthy Dip n Dots!

When you guys read through this blog post, you are going to laugh and wonder how come you never thought of it! I wish I could take credit for this clever recipe (if you wanna call it a recipe) but I was Pinspired. 

I love Pinterest. 

This is so easy and actually fun! If you like piping frosting on a cake, I have a feeling your going to like this too! If you have kids around, this would be a fun "recipe" for them to do on their own!

Before we get started, here's some things you should know to make this even easier:

*Tip #1: I recommend using yogurt that doesn't have chunks of strawberries in it. The strawberries get stuck and won't come out of the hole making the little dots unpredictable sizes. Either way, it's really no biggie! If you have strawberry yogurt on hand, use it if need be. Just be prepared to have different size dots, like mine.

 *Tip #2: If you have a pastry bag, you can use that instead of the ziplock bag! It would make for really cute dots!

*Tip #3: To make getting the yogurt into the bag easier, grab a cup and place the bottom of the bag into it as you see in the picture. Put the yogurt into the bag, that is in the cup. Get it? That way, when your bag is filled up, you simply grab it out, there's no mess, and the yogurt is at the bottom where we need it. Picture for demonstration purposes only.

Here's what the yogurt should look like in the bag. Your going to cut that corner where you see there isn't any yogurt:

Here's my dot's before they were frozen to give you an idea:

There yah have it! Make your own Dip n Dots! I hope you have a great weekend! I will be back soon enough with a Birchbox review!



Kristyn said...

I've seen these on Pinterest [seriously love that site!] and I've been dying to make them. I think your post just pushed me to go to the grocery store to grab some more greek yogurt!

Erica J said...

LOL! We have probably pinned the exact same recipe because they made it look so yummy! Thank God for Pinterest, lol!

Beauty Writer said...

Hello :)

I found you on the blog hop and started following. Love your blog :)

Hina Naz said...

omg lovely post.i am loving your blog.just great posts.i am your new follower. follow me back


Erica J said...

thank you for stopping by Beauty Writer! gotta love that blog hop! I always find awesomeness there (:

Hina: you just made my day. seriously, a comment like that can make my whole life, lol! your too sweet and I am beyond happy that you love my blog!

ASH♥ said...

What an awesome recipe! Such a healthy snack!

Janine said...

Ohh i sure like this!! :)

DianaLuv said...

I have always wanted to make these, they dont melt in room temperature? Im your newest follower from blog hop, if you have time visit my beauty blog :_

Erica J said...

mm hmm! so yummy! if you like yogurt, anyway. and yes they would melt in room temp, eventually. i keep them in the freezer and then when i want some, grab a bowl. by the time im almost done eating them, they will start to melt

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