Monday, October 29, 2012

New Forever21 Jewelry

Can you believe we don't have a Forever 21 around here? Oh well. We have 1 about a half hour away but that mall sucks so bad. It is so old and broke down and every time I go to it, I get exited because I am going to something other than the mall near me, only to be disappointed when I get there. So I ordered stuff online. I wanted to type "I ordered stuff offline" but that doesn't seem right. Who cares.

At our mall near me, we have Body Central, Charlotte Russe, & Wet Seal. None of them ever have any trendy jewelry. Yes, I am trendy. You can't be too surprised! You have seen this blog before, right? So, I wanted some cheap, trendy jewelry. Here's the stuff I got:

Etched Arrowhead Necklace $6.80
This was what I wanted in the first place and wanted to make it over $21 so I could get free shipping. When it arrived, I found out I liked the other necklace better.  This one is a gold color, but not a true gold. Forever21 describes it as "burnished arrowheads with an etched zigzag pattern." The website does offer the length and dimensions of the necklace as 18". I didn't matter because I had no idea what 18" looked like anyway. What you see on my neck is about as long as it will go. I like it anyways. I have always wanted that House of Harlow necklace and this feeds my craving. For now. It has a lobster claw clasp.


Tiered Southwest Pendant $6.80
This is my favorite purchase. I cannot tell you the exact length of the necklace as Forever21 doesn't offer it any longer (more on that later). Just by looking at it here, you can tell it is longer than the Arrowhead necklace, which is 18". What you see in the picture is on the shorter side. This necklace is heavy duty. Not so heavy that it weighs me down, but it has some weight, if you know what I mean. I really like how the plates have a tribal pattern etched into them. It has a little flare with out being too loud on the tribal side. It has an oval chain, with a lobster claw clasp, and a high polish finish. I don't have anything like this and I am happy with it.

Arm Candy!

Rhinestoned Cross Bracelet $4.80
This was really cheap. Since I have been looking for a sideways cross piece of jewelry, I figured I would grab it. I have different pieces on my wishlist and this was one of them. However, I can see myself purchasing these beaded cross bracelets many times as they are stretchy and those always brake on me. It was just a couple bucks. Im happy with it. If you ask me, this bracelet is a little overpriced with the necklace prices in mind. All in all, it is only $4.80 so it's fine.

Metallic Chain-Link Bracelet Set $5.80
Mark. has something similar to these bracelets for $22. I figured these were a steal! I seen them on the site, and felt like I had to have them. When they finally got here, I seen the actual quality. They are just weird and seem cheap. I feel like they will pinch me one day from the way they stretch. I wish I could just hand it to you so you can see what I mean. I guess you get what you pay for with some things! I will still wear them, but comparing them to mark.'s In the Mix Stretch Bracelet's, I think those are way cuter and I will most likely crack and purchase them. I am a mark. rep so I get something around 20% off. If your interested in purchasing the mark version, I will link you to my boutique


Mark.'s In the Mix Stretch Bracelet

Ordering from Forever21 is a little tricky. I usually will put stuff in and take stuff out of my bag for about a week, making sure I am getting everything I want. Well, there was a downside to that on Forever21's website. Every day I would check my bag, making sure my items were still there. I do this with every online store and never before did I get to the page to find things missing from my bag. This happened twice in the week on Forever21's site. I don't know why. I am assuming they change stuff a lot, a lot. When I went to add it again to my bag, both items were no longer offered. So be careful if your indecisive about your online purchase like me. Don't say I didn't warn yah!

Also, if your wanting to order jewelry from cheaper places online (cough Forever21 cough) I would try to find some kind of review (like this one) on the pieces your wanting because not everything is as it seems. I am speaking mainly on the Metallic Chain Link Bracelet Set. Then again, nothing is all that expensive anyhow. I will probably do some research next time, anyways.

There's some of my new jewelry purchases! Overall, I have been loving my cheap jewelry lately! I have more jewelry stuff coming soon! 

If your going to make a purchase from mark. and you don't have a friend that sells mark., I would love if you shopped at my boutique! The restaurant I worked at closed about a month ago so I am out of work  ): it sux so bad! If you have any questions about mark., just leave a comment and I will get back to you! I am always totally honest because I would hate for you to order something wasn't very good or not what your looking for.

Have you guys purchased any nice jewelry from Forever21 recently?
What about cheap jewelry from them?
Any jewelry period?
Are you into arm candy?

do tell! 



Jewelry Layaway said...

Very nice blog, thanks for your generous info. More power to you!

MeetMiss Jackson said...

hi Jewelry Layaway! Your welcome, thank you for stopping by! I love the fact that your name is "Jewelry Layaway" and your commenting on my jewelry blog post, lol!

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