Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Maybelline Stuff

Lately, I have been liking a lot of Maybelline products. They were having their BOGO sale at Ulta a couple weeks back for Maybelline and since I have already looked in 4 other stores for the new limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoos and had no luck finding them, I figured Ulta just might have some.

Luckily, I was correct! Just when I asked if they had it in the back, a lady came out with a fresh, untouched display of the Scene on the Runway collection Maybelline is offering for a limited time. There is plenty more I would love to have from the collection (an eyeshadow palette, and that russet something or other lipstick!), but the display was strictly Color Tattoos. Thankfully, my hunt for the Barely Beige Color Tattoo was over.

Barely Beige is the only lighter color in the limited edition Color Tattoo's and I have a thing for champagne eye shadows. I already own Tough as Taupe from the permanent collection and they are both great without an eye shadow primer. Barely Beige can be swiped all over the lid, leaving Tough as Taupe in the crease and I can be done- no primer needed! Barely Beige is both creamy & pigmented even more so than Tough as Taupe. However, I have had Tough as Taupe for some time now and has more than likely dried out a little bit and since I don't know how Barely Beige will hold up over time, I can't give a fair comparison of the two in that regard. I have really been loving my Barely Beige Color Tattoo. I would say if you have been eying it, to grab it asap as it is limited edition and I am not certain about your town, but in my town it was hard to find! Swatches and comparison to come on this baby!

Since I could get something half off with my first Maybelline purchase, I already knew I wanted to try the Dream Bouncy Blush. I decided on Fresh Pink. I have heard mixed things about it. My bfff loves them. Some bloggers hate them. I happen to really like it! In my opinion it goes on with just enough pigment: not too much and not too little. It leaves a tint on the skin like a liquid tint would. Its also is nice and creamy and I find that I can build it up if need be. I have just been applying it with just my finger, dabbing and blending and that seems to work fine. It's pretty much fool-proof. Although the whole "bouncy" thing doesn't quite fit. It's doesn't bounce back up after you've tampered with it. It just has a permanent dent in it. I really don't mind that. Luckily I took my picture before I used it!

here's a swatch of the Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink, blended:

Have you gotten anything good from Maybelline lately?

thank you for reading!


Chantel said...

I really want to try that blush!

Hunter87 said...

I love that color tattoo as well.

MeetMiss Jackson said...

Chantel-I have been loving the blush! it looks realy nice under dollface by tarte!

Jaz, grab it! hurry! it was hard as eff to find so good luck, girl!

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I hope I can find that eyeshadow. It would make a great base color.

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