Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scents of the Season #2: Yankee Candle + Some Candle 411

Hey! I love all the new candles coming out this time of year. In 2009 I won a chinese raffle full of different candles and candle accessories. I think this is where my obsession began. Since then, I feel like I have become some kind of self proclaimed candle/fragrance amateur guru.

Even though I dont discriminate on different types of scents, I think bakery might be my favorite kind. Even though Bath & Body Works is my favorite store, I am not completely partial and I give every candle company a chance! 

When I seen Yankee Candle come out with their new bakery line, I seriously jumped on it! I had a  coupon for BOGO free on either a small, medium, or large candle. The new bakery fragrance candles come in 3 different flavors:
Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Layered Cake
Banana Cream Pie

before I weigh in on each fragrance, let me just say this...

Yankee Candles burn slower than Bath & Body Works
1 thing that sets Yankee Candle apart from Bath + Body Works, is that Yankee Candles burn much slower. You can tell the wax consistency differs between the 2 companies. YC is much more dense wax, they use paraffin wax. B+BW is much more soft wax, they use vegetable wax. You could probably stick your finger right into a B+BW candle b/c it is much softer. Weather you want your candle to burn slower comes down to preference. Your getting more bang for your buck with a slower burning candle but that also means you have to wait longer for all the wax on the top to melt in order to blow it out. Unless of course you would rather use a candle warmer....

In my experience:
If you dont let all the wax burn at the top, you will mess up the candle because the wick naturally burns some too. When you go to light it and when the wax finally does burn from the sides, it overflows onto the wick making the fire burn out and/or making the burning wick's fire really dim, which in turn makes it harder to smell the fragrance

Red Velvet
 medium sized
Because Yankee Candles are slower to burn, I had this one lit for a few hours (maybe around 2-3?) and the wax around the edges still wasn't burned into liquid and I blew it out anyways. Then, I happened again. and again. Knowing I was ruining my candle, I decided to put it on the candle burner.

When I had it lite using the wick
 the scent of the candle was a little faint. It had an ok scent throw but it didn't fill up the room like I had hoped. When I burned it with the wick, I noticed nothing more than your run-of-the-mill vanilla scent. It was nothing special. It reminded me of the Frosted Cupcake candle from Bath&Body works. Just like that one, not noticeable really at all.

When I put it on the candle warmer
the scent was much more prevalent. I could smell it throughout the whole upstairs (upstairs consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a small hallway) This time, I smelled much more than just the vanilla. It smelled a lot like a cream cheese frosting & vanilla cake, a really sweet fragrance. I really suggest putting this on a candle burner as opposed to lighting the wick. Trust me, you will love it if you do so!

"A most decadent creation of creamy frosting atop moist cake and a touch of brown sugar. So very sweet!" -Yankee Candle's description

Chocolate Layered Cake 
medium sized  
I have just been burning this one with the wick as opposed to the candle warmer. I know if I use the candle warmer, the scent will be much more prevalent but using just the wick, the fragrance is very noticeable. There nothing to this candle besides the fact that it really does smell like a really rich chocolate cake. If you like chocolate, this one is only available for a limited amount of time!

"Layers of rich, fudgy cake laden with cocoa and covered with a light chocolate mousse frosting . . . it's simply to die for!" -Yankee Candle's description

Car Jar's
 B2G1 Free
I bought 2 in Red Velvet and 1 in Chocolate Layered Cake. I have used both the Red Velvet ones so far and they smell so delicious! Just like what the description suggests. There has been a time or 2 that I have gotten into my car and smelled coffee. That happened after the smell started to go away. I have yet to open the Chocolate Layered Cake one yet but knowing how much stronger the candle was compared to Red Velvet burning with a wick, I have a feeling it is going to be chocolatey good!

I love these and I wish they would have them all year long! If you like B+BW's Frosted Cupcake but you wished it had a higher scent throw, get yourself a candle burner and Red Velvet Cake and you'll be set! Or maybe just try Frosted Cupcake with a candle burner. You never know.

Side Note
Have you smelled the Glade candle, called Nut Cracker something or other? It smells like any bakery scent you would find at any higher end candle store! I love it. But I have yet to buy it, lol! I smelled it in the store and thought it was a perfect cold weather scent.

What has been your favorite candle lately?

Have you been to Yankee this season yet?

Thank you for reading!


Chantel said...

Nice candles. I am looking for some new scents to try out.

MeetMiss Jackson said...

mmm hmm! if you like bakery food scents I recommend them!

Pam Mower said...

I love your blog! It's sooo Cute! I haven't tried these, but I have the chocolate chip in the kitchen and I love it! xoxo, Pam

Hunter87 said...

I LOVE those candels!

MeetMiss Jackson said...

Pam: yummy! i haven't seen that one but it sounds divine!

Jazmin: (: they are awesome

LauraMck said...

Ooh where did you get these candles?? I hope they come out in Ireland xx

Jessica.Anahi said...

These candles are actually making me want some cupcakes or cake lol but I love candles! I don't really have a favorite smell, I just like a little bit of everything :)

Xoxo Jessica

ps. Found you through the #bbloggers hop! Glad to be one of your newest followers :)

Yankee Candle Warmer said...

When I seen Yankee Candle come out with their new bakery line, I seriously jumped ... ycandlewarmer.blogspot.com

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