Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scent's of the Season #1: Bath and Body Works

This time of year is unlike any other. For me, the changing of the weather and it getting darker earlier usually just kills me! I am a summer girl! But, considering my birthday is Oct. 8 & my favorite holiday is Christmas, I love this time of year in another sense. This time of year for me is really exiting this year, for some reason for another. 

I am not sure what it is. 

  •  It could be that I have been on Things I love About Fall Tumblr thinking of all the things this season brings. 
  •  It could be all the octoberfest and pumpkin beers ive been drinking (in a frosty mug rimmed with cinnamon and sugar!) 
  •  It could be the new clothes and the new fall Pantone color panel
  •  It could also be the scents of the season. I love food scented candles. Even food scented body washes and sprays. I will take them anywhere, anytime. However, the retailers decide that this is the time of year that make scents (ha!) to put all of the yummy bakery scented things I love out on the market again. I have bought a few things to fill up my house to make you believe that I have just been baking all day, every day, in every room. Yeah, I don't care. I have some in my bathroom right now. 
Im aloud!

Let's start with the obvious: the candle.

 Frosted Cupcake: White Barn Candle Co.
 My description is something a little bit different than B&BW's. I wished it had a stronger, higher, scent throw. It smells great when you sniff the hard wax, but I could kind of tell it wasn't going to be a candle with a really high throw. So why did I buy it, you ask? (Will answer that in a minute.) I have had it burning all night and I catch a whiff every now and again, but I just really want the scent to punch me in the face, yah no? To me, this smells exactly like the Shea Cashmere fragrance from the True Blue Spa line at B+BW, which is one of my favorite scents in the world. I have always thought the cashmere scent smells a lot like a frosted cupcake. So there you have it. 

The sales girl who is always so helpful, informative, & awesome at my B&BW told me that Slatkin & Co. and White Barn are actually the exact same company. They share a factory and everything. We don't know why they are changing the name but I don't really care as long as they are the same quality. As of right now, the White Barn candle has let me down in terms of how strong it is when burning. I had a coupon for something free worth $10, so grabbed this.

I bought this candle because my absolute favorite fall time candle Cinnamon Sugared Donut was out of stock! They said I could return it when they get it in and they would give me a call. I have yet to hear from them so we shall see. And a side note, they are not making a Wallflower in the Cinnamon Sugared Donut scent this year! I am so bummed! Luckily, I still have a half of 1 left from last year!

Then I purchased 2 Wallflowers and 2 Wallflower scents for $20. They always have this sale running.

Cinnamon Nut Bread: 
This is the next best thing next to Cinnamon Sugared Donut I suppose, with a nutty twist. I plugged this one in in the kitchen, and I thought for a quick second after I forgot it was plugged in that someone had spilled maple syrup somewhere. It makes the whole room smell really delicious! It also smells a lot like banana nut bread too. The scent will change from time to time, in a good way.

"Yummy! Enjoy a warm medley of fresh baked shortbread with cinnamon, buttercream and chopped nuts with this cozy fragrance."-Bath and Body Works' Description

Frosted Cupcake: 
The description from both myself and the candle above is the same. Smells just like the Shea Cashmere fragrance from the True Blue Spa line, in Wallflower form. As for the scent throw in Wallflower form, it is present. You can smell it from afar which means it has a high scent throw. However, Frosted Cupcake is not as strong as the Cinnamon Nut Bread. It has a fainter smell. Noticeable, but subtle. 

This I think would be a good scent for the bathroom if your someone that like's appropriate scents for the correct rooms. It has a creamy, sweet, subtle, fresh kind of scent. Really good.

2 Wallflower plug ins. 
If you buy these please note that if your power goes out and you have them plugged in, they will stop working! The nice lady at my B&BW store told me as an FYI. Other than that, I seem to get duds from time to time. It's really strange. Last year when I bought some, you could smell the Wallflower on the whole 2nd floor when it was in the bathroom. This year, I bought new ones and the acorn 1 barely worked at all, so I took it back and got a new acorn one which is a little better but not by much. I don't really know why that is. I have been using the white one by itself because I don't wanna waste my scents. That will never do! 

That was everything I picked up from Bath and Body Works for the house. But it's not over just yet! I still have my Yankee Candle stuff and let me tell you, I am completely in love! 

Side Note:
 I have a lot of blog post's to spit out this month! I am going to try for posting a blog every other day!! So check back often!

thank u


Jayme and Mendi said...

you got some great scents!! I have been loving the Farmstand Apple candle too!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Erica Jackson said...

thank you Tiffany! and thank you Jayme and Mendi for stopping! I loved the candy apple one from christmas of 2011

Hildagarde Carbon said...

Cinnamon Nut Bread, Frosted Cupcake - are these really scented candles? Because all of this is making me hungry! Haha. Anyway, I’d love for my house to smell of vanilla all day!

Hildagarde Carbon

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