Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favorite Fall Things

It has been a very crazy start to the fall. Lots of ups and downs. October is one of my favorite months because of my birthday (the 8th!). 

I also love it for 2 more reasons: 
1) because I know this will be the last of the nicer weather to takes walks and be outside and 2) it is closer to Christmas! 

Unfortunately, the restaurant I was working at closed down at the start of October and I am at a loss *again* looking for a job. I have been praying I can get one in enough time to celebrate Christmas! It is my favorite holiday. This will be an extension of my beauty favorites. Check those out here.

Fall Favorites

Arm Candy:  
Maybe this would qualify as a beauty favorite but whatever, I already uploaded the picture here. A trend I never really got into until recently. I have been buying cheap arm candy at every chance I get! If your loving this trend too, you will love my Forever 21 jewelry purchases!

Purple Jeweled Bracelet: Walmart $1.99
Pink Gummy Watch: JC Penney $10
Black Shamballa Bracelet: 5 and Below $2.99

My Birthday:
 It was my birthday on the 8th!! Thanks to my mom for making dinner, my b/f's mom, Barb, for making me this delicious cake, my b/f Phil for the presents and taking me out to dinner (Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp! Holla!), & my bfff Alex for the pumpkins, & candle! I love you guys so much! We had a fun relaxing night, talking, drinking wine and hanging out. Alex brought the other puppies Lexi, Precious (Stella's mom), & Chloe (Stella's twin sister). It was 1 of the best birthday's yet! I was so lucky to have all of my favorite living beings there! 4 dogs & 3 other people besides myself. The dog to human ratio is sometimes at least 50/50.  Most of the time, we are out numbered by dogs at 2/4. We love our puppies!

Alex again, thank you girl! Have yet to carve these babies! I actually kinda like them plain. They look rustic sitting on the janky back porch! LOL!

These are at the Boardman Park. I guess all the school's had a competition. Some of the best 1's were done by pre-schoolers! Wow! They look awesome! One good thing about Youngstown Ohio is the parks this time of year!

 Seasonal Beer: 
I love trying seasonal beers. There's something about fall beers that gets me exited. I am usually a wine drinker any other time of the year. At my old work, they would rim the beer mug with cinnamon and sugar, then add pumpkin flavored beer. Perfect drink if your having a Halloween party! I bought a 6 pack of Sam Adams version of Octoberfest. I think that is my favorite Octoberfest beer.

Walks In The Park:  
1 of our favorite things to do is go for walks in the park. There are so many good parks around here and lately we have been going to a park called Boardman Park. For the past couple of week's, the park has been really active. On top of the Jack-O-Lantern display, all of the decorations for the witch walk are up in the trail. They had Octoberfest + they are doing pancakes with homemade maple syrup which comes from the barks of trees. Here's some cute fall pictures from 1 of our walk a couple weeks ago. The other night, there were so many leaves on the ground that you couldn't even see the path!

Favorite Fall Candle(s)

Cinnamon Sugared Donut Candle
I took back my Frosted Cupcake, which didnt smell like anything when I lit it. I exchanged it to get my favorite fall scent from B+BW. I love this! It's a spicy, sweet, sweet scent! If your not into the super spicy scents, but want to stay true to the season, give this 1 a smell! And I promise this has a high scent throw!

Favorite Candle #2:

Air Wick Candle: 
The candle Alex got me for my birthday! She knows me too well! It is from Air Wick. This candle doesn't have much of a smell, but I have been lighting it every single night because it changes colors! A perfect present, I believe, is something so gimmicky and cool that you probably would not buy it for yourself. This was right on the nose! LOL! I think this will be in some peoples Christmas boxes this year!

Favorite Nail Combo

Essie's A Cut Above:
That's the rose gold glitter you see. I love it so much. Not a great mani on my part but I had to share that gorgeous glitter again! And the light pink is from Wet n Wild from one of the older, cheaper nail polish lines. I don't know the name because it wore off and I dont recommend the polish. It got gloopy real quick. I just really love the color. Any baby pink will do for me!

Favorite Book

Helter Skelter:  
Maybe you didn't know, but I love anything having to do with criminal law. Example, some of my favorite shows are Lock Up, Forensic Files, First 48, Snapped, & The Investigators. For a short time, I wanted to become a psychiatrist for people on death row. I want to get into their minds. I also had a slight obsession years ago to know everything there was to know about the whole Manson era. If I could go back in time, I would go back to 1969 and go the Haight Ashbury District, I would attend Woodstock (I would bring food for myself! Im 1 step ahead!) & make it back in time to be at the Manson trial. You may already know I have always had a huge obsession with Hollywood + how movies are made. I love when a set looks "fake". And when it comes to Hollywood, the older the better! I just love it! I would probably have to take my time traveling device to Hollywood circa 1940's too. Im getting off subject...

Even though I watch Forensic Files and can even get into court t.v. as long as its a high profile, juicy case, court t.v. will not capture my attention for too long. I was afraid Helter Skelter was going to be reminiscent of court t.v., reciting a bunch of legal documents from the trial and I wasn't going to be able to follow- considering it was written by the prosecutor himself. There is some legal jargon, but it's really easy to read. The last book I have read this fast was My Friend Leonard. If your into criminal law, the late 60's, or your into the whole Manson trial + more: give it a read!

Favorite Puppy

Cant leave her out! She's a big girl now and her birthday is coming soon!1 (or 7) year(s) old! I love her. I know, I am a weird dog lady. My idea of a great birthday was having my 3 closest ppl at my house along with the 4 best dogs I know! Alex has Precious, Lexi, & Chloe. Lexi and Chloe are twinsies as they were born in the same litter. Said litter came out of Precious. Lexi's the only 1 not blood related. Lexi is also the goodest dog. The min pins are little brats! LOL! She loves other animals (kitties and puppies) but doesn't like strange people too much.
Phil holding her ears down- haha! She looks so cute and silly!
She has on a coat and a sweater: "I cant put my arms down!"lol!


Favorite Song

Long December
Old school, right?! How many remember this song? I used to love this song and completely forgot about it. I love when I all of the sudden remember songs I forgotten. I love any 90's rock. It is some of my favorite type of music. This song hits the spot if your craving a 90's rock song. Next song will be by Matchbox20....anyone?

Favorite T.V. Show

The Challenge.
this is my favorite show on. I have been watching it since Real World Road Rules Challenge 2000. I watch it every season & lately, have liked it more than Real World. When it is time for a new season, I always kick myself for not following the last season of the Real World a little more closely. MTV has the best reality shows in my opinion. Teen Mom. Jersey Shore. Second best would be TLC. How can I forget about Sister Wives, 19 Kids and Counting, Toddlers and Tiara's, Little People Big World, or Breaking Amish. I love t.v. This is my absolute fave show, though. This video is for the trailer.

Thats it! If you want to know my beauty favorites, then click.

What are favorite things about fall?

and by the way,
 Happy Halloween! 

thank you for stopping by!


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