Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Current Obsession: BCBG Affirmation Bracelet

Here's my problem. I love trendy jewelry. And lately, cheap, cute Forever 21 type jewelry has just not been enough. My Tiered Southwest Pendant necklace already broke twice since I bought it! Phil fixed it for me, but still. That sux. It was only $7. That's the problem. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. 

I have been going to Macy's here and there to just stock the jewelry department every now and then, wondering when I was going to cave. I didn't have to! On my birthday, Oct 8th, Phil asked what I wanted and I knew just what it was:

This was my number one pick. 
BCBGeneration Bracelet, Metallic Leather, Amor Bracelet. 
Gun metal leather band, rose gold lettering, affirmation reading "amor <3"....obviously. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

It has button closures or snap closures that fit in 2 different sizes.

If I had the money, I would already own half of these affirmation bracelets. I just hate the one's that say something like "taken" or "duh" or "omg". Those are a little too trendy for me. Don't be surprised if you see a blog post about all 3 said affirmation bracelets in a few months. I can't promise anything.

Here's the only bad thing about having higher-end trendy jewelry. It will go out of style eventually. And nobody knows when. I am praying (not literally- I am not that pretentious!) that the arm candy trend will at least go for the next few years. I want to get my wear out of this bracelet.

Not only is this trendy, but it also serves another purpose. Every day I wear it, I remember to radiate love. My re-hab counselor would be proud.

This is $18 at Macy's right now if your interested. 

Thank you again to Philly for my birthday present. I love it.

Do you have any Higher End Trendy Jewelry? 



Chantel said...

Gorgeous bracelet!

Miranda Lamb said...

this is so cute! totally something I would love to wear :)

LifeLover said...

Beautiful, I have been loving those bracelets ( i dont have one) the problem is they are too expensive, im glad you have one!

Erica Jackson said...

lifelover! LOLOL! you sound like me! whenever i see something i like im like "i love that!" even though i dont have one...... were allowed! yeah they are expensive, esp. bc they are so trendy. save $1 every week until you have $17 then in 17 weeks if you decide you dont want it anymore, spend your $17 on something you do (:

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