Friday, August 12, 2011

Makeup Storage Ideas

I dont know about you, but I am always looking for practical, functional, & stylish organization tips & ideas. I have learned a thing or 2 and have found some great ideas. Bobbie pins are always in my way so I was on a mission to find a great storage idea for them. Doesn't it seem like they are always everywhere? Only when you really need one, they are nowhere to be found! my latest brilliant idea which my best friend came up with was to throw them in these shot glasses we got! her work was throwing them away so we decided to give them a good home and make them a good home for our bobbies! success

I hear it is not good to keep your makeup in the bathroom, because the steam from the shower gives the makeup bacteria. That is the lightest place of my house as I do not have my makeup mirror anymore (I need a new one) and it just works for me to put my makeup in the bathroom. I have a roll-away stand that a store everything on which is great for when you wanna sweep-

the pink box thingee that is storing my face washes I got from the $1 section in Target- the Target dollar tree always gets me! Functional meets Stylish meets Cheap

So this is how I organize my makeup int the drawers you see in the picture above: you can kinda see what is what in each drawer if you look close.
  • In the top drawer I keep all my brow stuff  & tools: stencils, brow powders, tweezers, pencil sharpener. all that kinda stuff. 
  • Next drawer down, I keep concealers, highlighters, & primers. 
  • Next drawer, I keep bronzers and blushes. 
  • Next drawer after that I keep all eye liners and mascara's.
  • In the last drawer I keep all of my lipsticks, liners, & glosses. 
In this silver bucket,  I just keep basically all of my foundations and powders in. Face items. I also keep my lash curlers just because they really don't fit anywhere else.
I hang all of my irons and hair tools up on the rack which works out pretty well. That way, they are tucked back and organized and the cords aren't running for miles, which really bugs me! My blow dryer is actually hung on a nail. As is the hand-held mirror. 

The basic rule of thumb is to keep like things with like things. Even tho my makeup collection isnt as big as some others, I still have a couple of each items. I find that the rule of thumb works out for me to find my stuff quicker, as I am usually in a hurry anyways, after all.

I see everyone do this with their makeup brushes. It's a great idea I think b/c you don't hafta store them just laying down where the brush hair could potentially get messed up. I had rocks and beads so I put the biggest rocks at the bottom and then the smaller beads are at the you can see the rocks get messed up, but whatever. It really is a great storage idea- I bought the vase it's in for a buck at Marcs.

All of my eye shadows & palettes are in the bin at the bottom. Since I have the most shadows out of anything, I need the most space. You can find these bins at the dollar tree for cheap.

So yeah those are my storage tips for makeup and all that junk. Anybody have any other good ideas for storing hard-2-store stuff? Can you believe that this whole blog post was only supposed to be about how I store my bobbie-pins?! yeah, im crazy...thanx for reading!


for the love of beauty by lara said...

Thank you for sharing with us! :) Neat!

Shannyn said...

I love all of your storage tips!! I love that rack for all of your hair tools! I need to get my something like that. :)

Erica J said...

cool glad you guys liked it (:

LifeLover said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post, I just think that reading this type of post aree really fun!!

Elle Sees said...

i like the rack ideas for curling stuff...i need something!

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