Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NOTW: Peach Berry Juicy Smoothie With a Side of Glitter

If that was a real meal, I would eat it every day. Sally Hansen comes out with new color sfor the Xtreme Wear line probably twice a year and every time, I buy my fair share. They are anywhere from $2-$3 depending on where you buy them and have a nice consistency for only a few bucks. Easy to use, great quality, and cheap. Perfect.

I think the pink along with the silver glitter really matched my phone case, don't you?

This was actually my first time buying any Sinful Colors nail polish. I know, crazy. I like it! They are like the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line in the fact that they don't skimp on glitter. Your looking at 2 coats on the trigger fingers aka, thumb and pointer finger. Underneath those two fingers, I have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Berry Juicy.

from left to right:

Peach Beach is a pretty baby pink. 2 coats on my ring finger.

Berry Juicy is that perfect pastel pink that I have been waiting for to be a reasonable price in nail polish form. 2 coats all fingers but my ring finger.

Queen of Beauty is a nice silver glitter with only 1 size and 1 color glitter. A small silver glitter. Sometimes, I don't want a ton of different colors or sizes in my glitter. I like to keep it simple. Typing that out sounds weird. 2 coats.

quick NOTW!

side note:
you guyyysss! Im moving! I'm still in town {I will have the money one day to move away!} But yeah I will be living in the house my dad grew up in with him and Philly. We have a ton of work to do: painting, plaster, cleaning, moving in. On top of that, I have a ton of things to pack and get ready here. On top of that, my Corel Video Studio Pro x6 free tiral ends on the exact day I have to be out of this house. So I have editing and filming to do. On top of that, I have blog post's to do here on Mind Body Beauty! And I still have to send out my give-away prize and change my address. Please be patient with me with that Kniiiz {my giveaway winner}! Lastly, I also have my full time job....So yeah, that's happening! I cannot wait until August because that mean's I will be moved in and I can get back on a normal track. I want to try another editing program for another 30 days in August. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you!


Lia~♥ said...

I love those colours! Haha I'm always drawn to pink nail colours:)

Belle Epoque

Elle Sees said...

love those!!
if you find good editing software, let me know!
Stop by for a Mason Pearson hairbrush giveaway!

Erica Jackson said...

Lia: omg you gotta check out the new colors in the line, girl! you will die!!

Elle: hey girl! dude, i totally already entered! *fingers crossed* that is a pretty sick giveaway! I will let you no! im trying another corel one in august. I have been using corel video studio pro x6 this month for free. u get to try it before you buy it! i love that because they are non refundable.

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