Friday, December 21, 2012

Broke Girls Gift Guide + DIY Gift Basket's (Part 1)

Here's the stuff I got for my Mom, Boyfriend, + Best Friend. I figured it would be helpful (or fun) to share all of the gifts I got. As you can tell by the title, I am a broke bitch! But, I know some pretty good ways to save money and make a nice gift out of a few little things. I never say "oh, everyone's budget is $X amount" To me, that's silly because if I can find a great deal that doesn't meet the exact budget, that's fine with me! Nobody is going to know exactly how much you spent on them. It's the thought that count's, people!

This time of the year, they have little gift baskets everywhere....boring! I don't know about you, but I like to make my own! it's so much more fun that way!

Gift #1:
To: Alex.
Alex is my long time best friend who shares the love of stuff with me. Meaning, when we get together we will look online for hours going from nail polish, to jewelry, to dog clothes, to recipes, to ornaments

The girl loves Hello Kitty and anything pink. I found the cookies with strawberry cream, the vanilla and raspberry cotton candy, & the cleansing hand wipes (sweetly scented) all at 5+Below.

Alex shares my love of beauty items, and I can't tell you how many times she has said she wanted a matte bronzer. I got one from Wet n Wild in Princess on sale at CVS. It looks more along the lines of a satin as opposed to a true matte. The good news is that there isn't any chunky, loud glitter.

She swears by the Sally Hansen nail strips and says they will last on your nails for 2 weeks. I found those at 5+Below as well.

She just recently moved into a house and is re-doing her room pink and black. The wall decals were perfect and I found those at Big Lots. I didn't realize until recently that they were chalkboard(s) and came with some chalk! How cute!

She really tries her best to stay on a healthy track. Last year, I bought my dad a juice and smoothie book and her and I sat around for like an hour writing all the recipes down, haha! Plus, I feel like when you have things like that that your exited to use and put into action, your more likely to do so and in turn stay healthy + reach your goals! Plus, she loves smoothies. Another 5+Below purchase.

The tumbler seemed to go hand in hand!  Not to mention, we are both always stealing each others cups to take with us on the go. One with a straw and lid is perfect on the go and something she actually needed. I found some other tumbler's at 5+Below and Wal-Mart but none were as cheap or as cute as this one. Here's to another great buy at Big Lots!

total= $24
Gift #2
To: Mom
Hardest to shop for. Good thing she gave me a small list I could refer to. The things on her list included Clinique foundation and lotion & some bras. I bought those, but I will say I splurged a little bit on her. That woman deserves it!  Not that Alex or Phil do not, but yah know. Im partial to the lady that I was inside of....moving on. Here's the rest of the cheaper, stocking stuffer, type of gifts.

She needed a new perfume and when I smelled Angel in the store, I swore it smelled like popsicles! Idk wtf but the deal was 2 for $15 at Victoria's Secret plus I had a $10 off of any purchase. I paid $5 for 2 mini's, which makes 1 $2.50.

My mom's name is Penny and she loves anything having to do with the name. Since Lucky Penny from Essie was already on my wishlist, I figured I would buy it for her and then get a chance to use it later too! But, when I compared that with China Glaze's Magical, I couldn't pass it up. It is more of a taupe and definitely more cooler in color and has a sparkly+metallic finish. Im Sold. It's all mine. Wait! This is for my mom.....Oh yeah, from Ulta.

Joico shampoo and conditioner I have heard really, really good things! It is also really, really expensive! I felt like such a luxurious product, fit perfect for a Christmas present for my mother because she would never splurge on it without ever trying it to begin with. They have a deal going on at Ulta, 5 things for $10. This shampoo and conditioner (could also be used as a deep conditioner) were included so pretty good deal.

A Notepad. Always comes in handy. Found at Big Lots. They have these everywhere. You guys already know!

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes were something she really needed! She has 1 blush brush and she always is using mine so I figured know she has some of her own (: I bought these at Marc's which is local but you can get these at any drugstore.

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump was a part of the 5 for $10 at Ulta. Can't hurt.

Redken Shine Flash 2. Ever since I got this in my Birchbox months back, she was the one that used it up! I have had this present on the back burner for a while. Full price for the smaller can is $8. Oh well. I guess some things are just worth it. I got it at Ulta.

Milani Lipstick in Orange Gina was a part of the CVS beauty clearance. She loves her corals. Hurry and check your local CVS! They may still have things marked down! Here's what I got!

Aloe Vera towelettes were found at Big Lots for $1. That is how my mom likes to take off her makeup. Good deal.
 total $34.50
 dont forget about my video!
if your wanting more gift ideas & if you like watching videos, check it out! I hope I have time to post part 2! finger's crossed! If not, have a Merry Christmas!

Ok! I am going to stop here! I can officially wrap these babies! Ill go for part 2 in the next couple days. Fingers crossed that we get just a little bit of sun while im off the clock so I can photograph the rest! I am off to make the rest of my cookies! There will be a blog post for that too! Can I fit all of this in before Tuesday? I hope so! The holiday season isn't over until January officially in my book, anyways.

And alleluia! The world is still turning and we didn't get sucked into a black hole! Thank you Jesus! I knew you were gunna wait it out! lol

Happy Holidays! Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it!

if you need more idea's, go to my DIY Gift Basket's blog post from last year. I did some different stuff!



Chantel said...

Awesome gift ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Lia~♥ said...

Great ideas! I would love to receive the eco tools for xmas!

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, I've got a giveaway on my blog, its open WORLDWIDE!:)

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