Monday, December 10, 2012

Most Wanted: ELF HD Blushes

A few months ago, every beauty blogger was going crazy for these to get at a chance to try them out. If you know how much I love ELF products, you will probably know how bad I wanted to try these as well. They were sold out for-like-ever. Until last month, I finally ordered them.

I have watched/read other girl's reviews on these and everyone mentions how hard these are to work with if your not familiar with this kind of blush set-up. I am not familiar with this blush set up at all and they have been really fun to play with. Every girl has also been saying that they are "dupes" for the Makeup Forever HD blushes. I don't own those but when I heard that I had to try these because they are so unique to any drugstore/low end beauty item I have seen or tried. Some have been loving them. Some have been hating them.
left: Headliner // bottom: Superstar

I got the lightest two shades Headliner & Superstar considering I am a fair/light skin tone. The 3 darkest one's looked like they might be a little bit much for me. When I first opened them, I tried to pump some out. What came out was not blush or even pigment for that matter. It was oil. Eww. After a lot of shaking I finally pumped out some pigment. I have to shake Headliner every time I use it or else I will only get that oil. The consistency of these after the fact is really silky and smooth, which is really nice.

Although I can see how any one person can go overboard with these babies. Have you ever heard the expression a little goes a long way? I am sure you have. Forget that expression applies to anything else but ELF's HD blushes.

What you see on my arm is one pump.
top Headliner // bottom: Superstar

What you see swatched is one pump spread out. If I were to really blend those 2 swatches, it would have covered my fore arm with pigment. You can see how pigmented they really are and that's a good thing, you just have to work with it! I will most likely have these 2 bottles for years and years to come.
top: Headliner // bottom: Superstar

Headliner: This one has been described as a baby pink but I do think it is a muted baby pink- baby pink mauve, if you will. I have been finding myself going for this one the most. Maybe when I get a little tan going on I will use Superstar. Or maybe I just favor the color all together

Superstar: Let's call this one a peach with pink undertones. Or pink with peach undertones. It doesn't matter. You clearly see the color, anyhow. I can and do use this even though I am fair skinned. It's not impossible by any means. It really is just a matter of taste.

How I use it:
  1. I pump out 1/4 of a pump. The littlest bit I can get, so I don't waste it. That much is even too much for me. -With my finger, I swirl or blend it onto the back of my hand.
  2. Then, I wash my finger off
  3. Taking my newly washed dry finger, I dab it back into the blended blush from the back of my hand.
  4. What you will see on your finger is even too much, in my opinion. so...
  5. Rub that finger together with another.
  6. Dab 1 of those finger's onto apples of cheeks or wherever you want to apply it.

I have been really loving using a contour powder, then adding the HD blush onto my apples. Then I usually finish off with a powder blush on my cheek bones. I like the look of it alot.

Here's what sucks
Besides the fact that Headliner needs shaken every time I use it or else I will get oil on my hand (that one's temperamental for some reason) The packaging of it is disintegrating. Just the packaging for Headliner. Whatever. it doesn't compromise the quality of the product, I am just put off by things like that considering I like to photograph every makeup item I buy.

So, I think these HD blushes are good picks, once you can get the hang of the application! Give em a go, next time you order something from ELF's site!

Have you tried these HD blushes out?
What do yah think?

take care


One Little Vice said...

Oh my goodness, I love how pigmented these are! Headliner is just gorgeous, I'm definitely going to see if I can get my hands on it. It's a shame that the packaging is playing up a bit especially when you haven't taken photos yet. x

Angelica [One Little Vice]

Chantel said...

These blushes are gorgeous! I really want to try these out. Thanks for sharing.

Tawny said...

they look so pigmented! Love the colours you picked!
Beauty by T

MeetMiss Jackson said...

glad you guys liked this (: and btw if your going to grab some of these for yourselves, dont pay the full $3 each! they always have coupon codes flying around for elf.

Spontaneous Beauty said...

I have to order these. I hope they come to Target soon!

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