Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kohl's & Old Navy Fashion Haul

Old Navy 75% off
ok now are you ready for the awesome deals that only come around once a year at Old Navy? It's my annual trip to Old Navy and I got there earlier this year so there was plenty of options. You really can't pass up a deal like this

The first 2 things I found were these really adorable floral blouses. I love the fit of these shirts, they are really slimming on me and seeing them on a hanger or in a picture just doesn't do any justice- at all. Ok now are you ready for the price......$4.50!!!!

I also bought some cardigans for $6 a piece! I almost had a heart attack when I seen these prices, and then I almost had another when I tried everything on and seen how nice it all fit. 1 navy one (which I think really brings out the navy in the floral blouse in the picture above, don't you?) and also a black one.

This next top is just a nice flowy magenta top that fit me so nice. I think that if the floral tops were $4 something then this top at $8 was wayyy overpriced. But when it comes to normal pricing I thought it was a steal. Since I don't have just a picture of the magenta shirt, here it is next to my floral tops:

I got some Christmas $$ and my bf Phil gave me $30 Kohl's cash, so you know where I was headed....When I got there I noticed everything was on sale- clearance status. Lauren Conrad pieces for $3-$4 a piece, which were all sizes XXS or XXL. damn. I found the Elle rack and realized all of their newer tops were 50% off so I immedialtly grabbed a couple and went to the dressing room. Many OOTD's are coming soon- I wanna show off my new purchases!

Elle Top $38 marked down to 50% off making it $19. Out of the 2 things I purchased, this one was my favorite. I just really loved the fit of it. It is perfect for the winter months because I can easily throw a cardigan over top or I can wear it alone in the summer.

Elle Top $40 marked down 50% off making it $20. I really loved this because I dont have anything like it. I love how it buttons around the neck with the little tie on the side of the neck line. I think it looks better with a sweater over top just because the arm hole swoops down a little lower then I would like it to.

With my Kohl's cash I spent $10 for everything. Yay me! Here's a better picture of the prints of the Elle tops:

I wanted to get some jewelry really bad but I figured I could hold off for a few days because I need to go to Burlington to grab a coat. So while im there I will grab a coat, some shoes, and jewelry. haul coming soon

I know these pictures do not do any justice because none of them are seen on my body so be on the look out for more OOTD's!

Did you guys go shopping the day after Christmas? Where did you go? What did you buy?


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Great haul! You got some wonderful things for a steal :) Love bargain shopping.

Erica J said...

yep yep as do i!

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