Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(first!)OOTH- Maxi Dress & Animal Print

Hey everybody! While going thru my camera and all of my pictures on the computer (Im sure I had well over 1,000 pictures on my computer) I sorted and organized all of them and I found this picture which I took on the 5th of May and forgot about it! so here's my OOTD.

I think this day me and my mom just went to lunch or something but I love this dress! I have been wearing it as a cover-up every time I go to the pool. I just love it, you slip it off, slip it on. I love wearing dresses because it looks like your really dressed up when actually your really not. So comfy! Maxi Dresses I think are my favorite trend for the summer

  • The dress is from Rainbow. It was somewhere around $17 I think.
  • The shoes are from JC Penney's. They were $30 on sale for $15. I love those shoes! They are from Olsenboye which is one of the Olsen twins clothing line. Well both of the Olsen twins own the company, but it's just one of their companies out 3? (I think)

I love Rainbow because they have the cutest clothes but the downfall to there stuff is you really do have to try everything on- I know I do. it looks nice on the rack but when you actually put it on your body it isnt complimenting any part of it! The dress is see-through. esp. the white parts of the dress. Luckily I had a slip (have no idea when/where/why I had one, but I did) so I put it on when I don't have a bathing suit underneath the dress.

Hope you enjoyed my first OOTD and it inspires you to do one also! Thanx for stopping by! -Erica


Melanie said...

I have a Rainbow literally down the street from me. I pass it all the time and I always see a bunch of clothes I like in the window but I've never gone in! I'll have to check it out now =p

LifeLover said...

Love how you look!!!

Christina said...

What a gorgeous maxi dress. I am so loving long dresses right now


Erica J said...

Melanie- yeah def. check it out but remember to try stuff on!!

thanx guys! I know I am loving them too!

can you believe I just bought a $50 Elle (at Kohls) maxi dress with crochet detail and the freaking crochet ripped!?

Voe said...

I adore that dress! It looks stunning on you.

I adore your blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all the luck in the world with it (although I am sure you don't need it).

All the best,

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