Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NOTW - Wine & Ribbons

How clever is that name- Wine & Ribbons. I think my nails look more like a Christmas Gift so feel free do this manicure around Christmas, or, you can be like me, and just go for  it now...in the beginning of October!.....ok maybe im lying...I have a confession- I did this look and took these pictures in July- I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this now either, I wanted to wait until later in the year. But it's my blog and "I do what I want!" (in the voice of Cartman) 

-The deep wine color is by Orly, and it's called Moonlit Madness. I put 1 coat of it and I don't think anymore coats would be necessary, if your going to do the rest of the layers. You will be putting on 2 other nail colors and also a rhinestone so even if you feel like you need another coat, I don't recommend going for it. Your nails will look extruded from all the layers of polish

-For the rest of the nails (excluding the thumb) I did 2 coats. I obviously didn't do the bow on each nail, so for the rest of them- 2 coats would be plenty

-L.A. Colors in black to outline where I wanted the bow

-L.A. Colors in white to fill in the bow

-And to stick on my massive rhinestone right in the middle of the bow, I used nail glue which worked pretty well.

**You can also probably stick it on right when the polish is wet, but i dunno how long it would stay on.

I thought this NOTW would be good because the Orly color is pretty fall-esq. Deep Red is a color i have been seeing on everyone's nails this season!

Whats your favorite fall nail color or trend?

So yeah there's my nails of the week...of July! haha I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and as always, thank you so much for reading!


LifeLover said...

Love it, you are really good at nails!! You should have a channel on youtube with nail tutorials, I would be your first subscriber!!!

Erica, know i have a twitter (@LifeLoverBlog), We should follow each other and like that we can chat, I would love that!!

LifeLoverBlog... www.whatareyouthinking-kari.blogspot.com

Erica J said...

i followed you on twitter! thanx for letting me know your address boo!

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