Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candle of the Month

Since I am obsessed with candles like I am sure most of you are, why not dedicate a series to them!

Angel Whispers

This is a candle made by Glade so you know it is going to smell amaze-balls! Very fragrant. I hate when I buy a yummy candle, light it on fire, and there is absolutely no smell - with Glade, you never have to worry about that.

This was my very first candle when I was in high school that really got me passionate about candles. This scent is really girly. Although it is a floral scent, it isnt old school floral- it's modern floral. Think of a really nice purfume- that's what this smells like. Very soft & romantic, as the website also suggests. I think it has a clean scent too, if you ask me. 

This candle will burn up to 22 hours.I got it for around $5 if I remember right - at Dollar General.  I personally do not like the sleepy fragrances they have everywhere- the lavender vanilla one's are not my thing. I think this candle works nicely for a relaxing night! (FYI: they just got in a new candle at B&BW for their "sleep" line called white tea & something, & unlike the lavender vanilla ones, it smells amazing!)

"To truly relax and restore the body, mind and spirit, you need to release your attachments to the outside world, however compelling they may seem. It’s vitally important to make time for yourself in your own private retreat. Angel Whispers® helps create this haven." -

What candle are you obsessing over this month? If not any candle's are hitting a chord with you, what about fragrance?? - Thanx for reading!

Side note: Over 100 followers?!?!?! yay!!!!  Give-Away coming soon! I need to buy some stuff first haha! I'm thinking some candles, some jewelry, a magazine, maybe some lipgloss- what do you guys think???


Marie said...

I ♥ candles!:D I've been loving my Slatkin & Co. Evergreen and Leaves candles for fall.:D

***** Marie *****
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Erica J said...

yum! well not literally but yah no, smells..fresh! haha but anyways, I have another candle haul coming soon from b&bw! I love theirs! they have a bunch of the fall ones on sale for half off of what ever's left- i bought mine like 2 days ago. fyi- thanx for stoppin by the blog!

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