Sunday, October 16, 2011

Light Healthy Lunch Idea(s)

So recently I have been experimenting with different snack's or light lunches I could eat that are healthy so I can stick to my healthy lifestyle. The first one im going to talk about is sweet, savory, creamy, juicy & crunchy: all matching up to create a perfect snack. High in fiber, calcium, & vitamin c. I think it's a great lunch idea because it's high in Vitamin B-6 which is what gives you energy. 

So what I did was layered the following: 

Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits - 120 calories & 35 calories from fat in one serving. 1 serving is 6 crackers. You can use your favorite triscuit's but the nutrition facts might be different. I love these ones because they have a little bite to them from the pepper.

-Good Points: Has 8% iron & 12% dietary fiber. (this is based on a 2000c. diet.) It also has no sugars or cholesterol.  

-Bad Points: I feel it's a little high in sodium at 135mg. I dont know what that means, all I know is that on the nutrition label, that is highest number. Something tells me that's not good. 120 calories seems like a lot for only 6 crackers. That's why this lunch is perfect because when you layer everything up, your not going to feel like you wanna eat the whole box of triscuits.

Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge
again, feel free to use your favorite flavor. If you have never had these cheese wedges, they are basically like cream cheese. One wedge is 35 calories & 10 calories from fat. Not bad.

-Good Points: They have 8% of your daily calcium intake and has 0 grams trans fat. It also has 2% Vitamin A.

-Bad Points: They have 5 mg cholesterol and 210 mg. sodium. again, the highest number on the label

Bartlet Pears  -any pears will do. 

-Good Points: This is going to be where you can get your Vitamin B-6, which is where you get energy. Pears also have 3.1g. of your dietary fiber. Obviously they are high in vitamin c. Lots of Vitamin A too-

-Bad Points: Even though pears are around 100 calories a piece, I don't think that is necessarily bad because there aren't any "bad" calories in them. Calories are basically just energy. So there aren't any reason's to not eat a pear.

The muffin you see on my plate is an On-the-Go Banana Walnut Muffin from Eye It Try It. They are pretty freaking good. I recently bought whole wheat flour so this was the first thing I made with it. I added some dark chocolate pieces in place of the cacao nibs which I light weight regret because I feel like it took away from some of that bran-muffin flavor. Along with some "I cant believe its not butter" butter, it makes a perfect snack. Or even a breakfast muffin.
You see that little walnut sticking right outta the top of the muffin?! The muffin has a boner.

Whole wheat is better for you than white flour because it isn't as processed as the white flour. (white flour is bleached to make it white.) When they process white flour, all of the nutrients are basically stripped out of it. Whole wheat are complex carbs, which take longer to break down in your system, causing you to be fuller, longer. Because they take longer to break down they also don't just become fat on your body. Complex carbs are whole grain.

Other Examples of Complex Carbs: quinoa, oats, cereal (whole grain), brown rice, whole wheat pasta.

So there's my 2 cents on a healthy lunch idea (or a snack) & why complex carbs are better for you. I think this could also be a great before workout snack, since it gives you energy and all. I wanna know what are your idea's for a healthy snack or lunch? tell me in the comments! Thanx for reading!


Melanie said...

I love both Triscuits and Laughing Cow cheese! Try getting the Triscuit Thins...I think they're lower in calories and the serving size is higher as well. I feel like they're more flavorful too! (my fav is the chili pepper flavor) =p

Erica J said...

thanx for the suggestion!

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