Saturday, October 8, 2011

FOTD: What Do You Think of Pink Shadow? Birthday Look!!

A famous makeup artist once said “Pink is the one color that makes everyone look pretty instantly, and it will work with everyone's skin tone. It's very girlie and very ballerina, a very youthful, almost childlike look.”- Bobbi Brown

 I have seen and heard from so many beauty girl's, guru, whatever- that pink is a really hard color to pull off- a lot of people say that it can make you look tired....You be the judge!

I do have a lighter complexion, so when I first began to experiment with pink I figured maybe that was why I thought I could pull it off. Well, then I got really tan, and I realized that I could still pull it off. Even tho im not tan anymore.....I guess you just have to test it out to see how it will look best on you.

The pink I am using is a really cool toned pink- It's a punky pink. It's a color called luvstruck from Mark. Here's a picture of it from a while back when I reviewed Jesse's Girl Primer

Since I have a cooler complexion, this color works for me. However, I like the way warmer colors look on me too, that my cool tones shouldnt be able to pull off. so if your a warm tone- I think this certain color (luvstruck) would work for you too, with the right colors to accompany it. Inspiration for the look at the bottom!

Before I go on and on about this pink party im throwing (for my birthday!!! today's my b-day!) I wanted to show you my hurr. This is next day hair. The day before this, my hair had pretty tight curls but I think I like the next day better. Sometimes I curl my hair this way the night before because I know I want waves. I used a spiral curling iron for this and it works pretty well for the Kim Kardashian waves I got goin on. If you would like to know a little more about how to achieve these locks, let me know in the comments and I would happily do a video for you guys (:

products I used (hair): 
3 in 1 hair spray: it is amazing! holds curls, leaves your hair softer instead of crunchy
L'Oreal Hair Putty near the roots to lift em up just a little bit.

-Revlon Colorstay Foundation
-Maybelline 24/7 Concealer
-Laura Gellar Baked Blush in Honey Dipped (contour)
-Blush - A really pretty light pink (off brand) I think it is a really beautiful color for lighter skin tones, like myself
-Highlight- Covergirl Shadow that the name wore off of. It's a light biscotti shadow color that works fine for a highlight. In fact, it's very comparable to top right color i have pictured here:

 Blush I used pictured above

-Jesse's Girl Shadow Primer
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
-Revlon Cream Shadow in Wild Orchids. the middle purple color which is the one closest to the lightest color in the palette (it creases tho so im not too sure if I recommend this)
-Pink- Mark. Luvstruck
-Purple- Mark. Rebel (outer v)
-Physician's Formula "for blue eyes" shimmer shadow. I used the lightest blue in the palette to put along my bottom lash line to open up my eyes a little more
-Liner: Physician's Formula Shimmer Stick liner in Black (not very shimmery, which im cool with)
-Wet n Wild Cream Liner in Black
-Mark. liquid liner

same as usual- NYX Tokyo matte cream and Maybelline Born With It Lipstick- anybody have any good suggestions?- a light pink lip color? 

and like I said, inspiration for this look: Elf Eye shadow in Punk Funk and Michelle Phan's Birthday Look

What do you guys think about the pink? love it or hate it? 
ok yeah so now I challenge you to try a pink shadow! I think it's flattering and I dont think it makes me look tired -so all in all, Bobbi Brown 1 Guru's 0. Sorry Guru's, yah no I love yah! If you wanna try this little challenge that I totally made up off the top of my head, please link, link, link!! 

As always, thanx for reading (:

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