Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home Made Lara's Bars in Hot Fudge Brownie

Well, hello there! So glad you wandered onto this blog post - have I got a treat for you! Have you ever tried a Lara Bar? they are all natural snacks made out of a few natural ingredients including nuts & fruit. Some are ok and some are amazing. They are $2 a bar. That's expensive! no! So when I came across Chocolate Covered Katie, a vegan who loves chocolate, she had so many different flavors of Lara Bar's that she has been making all on her own. I decided I was going to try it out too considering:

-They are Raw- No cooking! Yay!
-They are Vegan 
-They are All Natural
-The Price!

This recipe makes about 5 bars or 10 balls. 5 Lara Bars = $10. I made half & half. I calculated a round about estimate on how much this recipe is worth, considering how much of each ingredient I used & I came up with $5. That's half of the price of a regular Lara Bar!

It took me around 10-15 minutes total to blend it all, including the time's when I stopped to mix & stir everything around. It's essential unless you want full sized dated (yuck, i don't!)

After everything was blended, I went ahead & threw in some more whole cacao chips. I also forgot to include the shredded coconut so I went ahead and threw that into the mix too!

I wasn't sure if I liked dates so I decided to give one a try and I was right: I didn't like them! I made the Lara Bars/Balls anyways and gave more than half of them away. When I seen everyone chowing down on them in front of me I figured I would give them a try even if there are dates. Let me tell you, they were really good! Something about the chocolate makes the dates much less "date-y"- So even if dates are not your thing, you just might like these! I wish I would have given them a chance before I gave them all away!

The only thing I hated about it? I didn't make enough. This may have been my most successful healthy dessert attempt yet! I hope you guys really try these "fudge babies"(as Katie would say) out! Also, make sure you go check out Katie's blog! It's really a skinny dessert lovers dream!

What do you think, are you guys going to try it? 
It's so easy! I urge you to try it! Make one up on your own, even!

Can you think of any other variations I can try?

Thank you so much for reading!



Lauren said...

They look do good!! Might give them a try!

Found you through the blog hop :) can't wait to read your posts :)


Ashley Brooke said...

yum! i love larabars, so i'll definitely be trying this recipe. thanks!

Eveli Acosta said...

Hi Erica! *waves* I'm not much of a health nut, but that recipe seems like something my sister-in-law would love! I'm gunna have to pass it on! Thanks again for joining my hop and I'm here to follow you back! Nice to meet you! :)

Bravoe Runway said...

This looks delicious and I agree the price of Lara bar is high! I am totally going to try this. Stopping by from the blog hop, would you like to follow each other?

Erica J said...

hey ladies! for the people that wanna try it, please let me know how they turn out!

Eveli: thank you for the hop! I have been getting into them alot lately, your is a alot of fun!

Bravoe: I will be checking you out, girl!

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