Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey! I have been a video maker over here! Hope you enjoy it (: These are my favorite products from March. Should I take pictures for the blog to go along with the video or what? let me know your opinion! 

I am really stoked to share this coupon code from Kohl's with you all! I do not know how in the world this lady Stella from Kohl's found my little biddy blog but she did {she probably Googled Kohl's and this blog post came up most likely. haha!}Anyway, she offered me a coupon code for my readers! Uhm....really? I feel like my head is going to explode! jk, dolls. But I am still happy to give back in such a cool way. If you shop at Kohl's, that is (:

and I do hope I don't have to tell you all that the coupon code isn't sponsored. For whatever reason, it just seems to be a touchy subject and it gets fuzzy. I would love to get paid for a link or anything involving my blog. that would be sweet.  I promise I will always be honest if that I ever get that opportunity. Pinky promise. How do people even get these opportunities anyways? I would love to know! Ok, enough.

Kohl's coupon code for %10 off. You don't have to have a blog to use it: 
its good until may 10th. 
Happy shopping

Products Mentioned:
Revlon's Lash Curler
Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette
Julep Maven Nail Polish in Portia
OPI When Monkey's Fly
Hard Candy Cotton Candy Pink
Proactiv's 3 Steps
Physician's Formula Cream Liner's "For Blue Eyes" in Blue and Black
Mally Ever Color Waterproof Eye Liner in Navy

When Mint Monkey's Fly NOTW   
{using OPI's When Monkey's Fly and Julep Maven's Portia}

Watermelon Nails:
Nicole By OPI All Ken-Dolled Up
Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
Avon Nail Polish in Jade
Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer's: White, Black, and Neon Green

Linh's Blog Blushology

Have a fab day!

Do you make videos?

Leave a link so I can check you out too!



Xlovehappyx said...

i actually really like proactiv, but have started using the walmart version and lovvve it

Erica Jackson said...

oh really? i will have to look out for that! i would like to try it

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