Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Got in My Easter Basket and Easter OOTD

So, how was your Easter? 

Was good! 
Thank you for asking!

I woke up and noticed a basket of stuff on the dining room table. It didn't really look festive. I thought my mom was just cleaning, found some stuff, and put it in an old basket {which was my moms Easter basket when she was little}. Until I seen a bottle of Victoria's Secret body spray. I realized it was my Easter basket! It was so thoughtful of my mom to buy her full grown daughter an Easter basket! I haven't had one in ages!

 PINK Warm and Cozy Body Spray my mom really nailed this scent. I like it a lot! It smells very cozy and has notes of vanilla and peony.

While at Victoria's Secret, my mom got me a pair of undies from the PINK line.

I also got a new bag! Funny story: The night before I went out to buy an Easter dress from Target {more on that in a minute} but instead bought a new purse. I wanted one that was smaller and I could throw around my shoulder and found an adorable bag. Now I have two new bags (: I feel spoiled! She ordered this one from Avon.

Lastly, my mom gifted me a set of 4 Camis. I almost bought a peach colored cami at Target the night before but ended up not purchasing it because it was $8 for 1 of them. Im glad I got one now. I also got a gorgeous emerald color {color of the year!}, a hot pink, and a navy blue one.

and now for my Outfit of the Day. It's the best I can do - in front of a mirror - when it comes to OOTD's. Maybe Phil will help with some in the next couple of weeks.

I almost bought this dress to wear for Easter from Target, but I knew it was going to rain so I backed out. I wish I would have though! I instead wore my favorite pair of pants with some other new things I bought. I will have a video up soon with my haul.
 Do you notice Stella right behind my right hand? She has on her Easter dress too! And she was barking at my heels which is why her head is hanging off of the bed! haha!

We had plans for the Passion Play but as the day went on, nobody wanted to go anymore. I went to Phil's mom's for dinner and had a good time mingling. Phil and I came back to my place and drank some red wine {we are festive!} and rented Argo. I was expecting it to be better.

That was my Easter.

How was yours?
What did you do?
What did you wear?
Did you get a basket?


Carly said...

Love the top! And I heard so many good things about those VS perfumes...I must try haha

Tiffany S said...

cute outfit :)
That VS spray is amazing!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love your outfit!! And those bright colored camis are perfect!!

We both have iphones and really love them. There are so many good choices now for smartphones. You will feel like you are addicted to it once you get one. :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Erica Jackson said...

Carly: thanks (: + Tiffany: I LOVE that thing VS spray! it seriously smells amaze-balls!

Jayme and Mendi: i knew i could count on you guys to come over and comment on my blog about my ? you dont have to but thank you for doing so! i cant wait to get my phone thank u for your input

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