Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Instagram 1

Photo: PrettyPhoto: How cute are these vases from wal mart ?! $25 ! I want the 3 rd from the leftPhoto: SelfiePhoto: Boardman park w Stella and PhillyPhoto: Happy birthday  babe!Photo: Ootd #bbloggersPhoto: New outfit from wet sealPhoto: Gorgeous evening⭐Photo: Stell-enburg. Roger dogPhoto: Meal1: rice cake , cinnamon raisin pb (❤) and a banana w chocolate coffee☕Photo: Has any one seen these?? It's tanning lotion!☀Photo: Hi again I know. I'm so coolPhoto: New summer candle. It smells like tanning lotion or copper tone ☀can't wait for summerPhoto: These are 2 for 3 bucks at #sheetz .Photo: Have u ever had this? I found it at Walmart. It's really good with apples, rice cakes, celery, cinnamon oats. I have been eating it like crazy!Photo: One more photo for tonight! Stella girl beggin for food , the usual! she bad! HahaPhoto: Stella girl doesn't wanna get out of the pillow case this morningPhoto: One more for good measure? 

Guess who finally got instagram? that's right.... me! You can follow me @MeetMissJackson. Let me know if you have Instagram too! I have kind of converted my Instagram into a catch all. People in my real life and people in my blog life are both welcome. Your welcome to my Facebook too but I doubt anything will really interest you there. I just have been posting my Instagram pictures there.

1. Pretty Flower Tree in my back yard. My landlord is a landscaper. He does a lot of stuff pertaining to land

2. Vases at Wal-Mart. I hear Pier One has some nice ones on clearance too.

3. Me

4. Philly and Stella at the park.

5. Phils first birthday party we had.

6. OOTD from Wel Seal

7. Same as 6

8. The sky

9. Stella Girl. She thought the phone playing music was her toy.

10. Healthy Meal. Rice Cake, Cinnamon Raisin PB, with a Banana and Coffee.

11. A line of Tanning Lotion inspired from Cereals. I can the Cinnamon Toast Crunch one. It's a tingle.

12. Me.

13. B+BW Candle. Poolside. Smells just like Coppertone or Tanning Lotion. Review coming on a few of those candles soon.

14. Kind Bars. OMG they are so chewy and yummy! The Coconut Almond one was just like a Coconut Macaroon.

15. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter. Uhm have you had this?! Chunks of Raisin in the PB! So delicious. Mine is almost gone, after 2 weeks of having it.

16. Stell-anburg

17. Stella not wanting to get out of bed. She is in a pillow case covered up.

18. Me and my sunglasses from Tilly's. They don't fit though. I need to take those back.

There my InstaGram pictures. Where are yours?
 I gotta head off to work! Just a quickie.


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