Thursday, April 11, 2013

Using CVS Extra Bucks {$18 total}

I am not all that great with coupons, but I do know how to save a buck or 2. Thanks to Nouveau Cheap, I found out that it was a great week last week to use extra bucks. The trick is to do separate transactions.

Transaction #1:
Spend $14 on Physician's Formula and get $10 back in extra bucks:
I knew this was a perfect time to buy one last thing for my giveaway coming up. I wanted to get something worth some money. I just felt like it was a sacrifice and that is something I like to do from time to time. Even though it's hard. But you feel good when you buy something for someone else instead of you. And it's karma. It isn't very hard to find something for $14 from this brand. This bronzer was $13.99 but it worked luckily. The first transaction was the biggest one. I paid full price - $14.

Transaction #2:
Spend $10 on Sally Hansen get $5 back in extra bucks:
 I bought 4 nail polishes. This is my favorite brand of nail polish. I have been wanting to try Pacific Blue and the glitter top coat, Perky Pink. Perky Pink reminds me of Julep Maven's Portia, only a pink version. I needed a new Mint Sorbet. Coral Reef was a no brainer. Looking back, I should have also bought Lacey Lilac, the pastel purple instead of Mint Sorbet. Anyways, this totaled out to $12 total. I had my $10 extra bucks from the first transaction. So I paid $2 for this transaction

Transaction #3:
I have been wanting to try this Spray It Curly stuff. I have naturally curly hair and always love to try new curly hair products. I haven't found anywhere that sells it yet except for CVS so I decided to jump on it. It was around $6 total. I spent my $5 extra bucks and ended up paying like $2.

That brings the total to $18. Pretty good, huh?

I would have been $32 if I would have paid full price. Fuck that. I know better! 

Have you ever had the chance to use your extra bucks like this? 

 Do tell! 

and don't forget to check out Nouveau Cheap every week to find out how to get deals like this. It's a fun time.



Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

The happy booster looks lovely. I opt you do a review! Also, the nail polish colours are gorgeous! I know want to paint my nails a bright blue! Xx

Arielle said...

I love doing this at CVS. The cashiers always give me the side eye but, hey, I'm saving $$$. Great job!

Erica Jackson said...

Natalie: that is such a sweet compliment! That's Karma, babe ;) I used that color and really liked. idk if i mentioned this or not, i dont feel like looking {then again this took longer to type out} that it reminds me of a blue jean color with a little purple or something. its pretty.

Arielle: yes! thank you! the dude was actually really cool but the people behind me were kinda like "wtf" - haha

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