Monday, April 8, 2013

Urban Decay's Roller Girl Palette

Thank you to Linh over at Blushology. She had her 100 follower give away and I actually won! I was so stoked! Her blog is really good too, guys. She currently has a couple of Nars blog post's up on her blog right now. Thank you again Linh! I won a few things: Winter Candy Apple Hand Cream {Im saving for winter} Einstein Lip Therapy Lip Balm, Some really adorable shabby chic cards {I have already sent some of those out!}, Physician's Formula Cream Liner {I love those + they made it into my March favorites} + a few samples. The big win was the Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette. It came with a gloss, eye liner, and obviously the palette. That's what I am going to talk about.

I already knew I loved Urban Decay's eyeshadows. I have the Naked palette and my mom and I use it to death. When I seen Naked 2 come out, I realized I would rather have that one. But, I would rather buy some Mac shadows and try those or anything else before I spend the money on an oh so similar Naked palette that I already felt like I had. The colors are different but whatever. That's my reasoning.  

Luckily for me, the Roller Girl Palette came with 2 colors that are in Naked 2. Suspect and Verve. It also has Dark Horse {which is in the original Naked palette}and Woodstock {a bright pink}. 

A looonnggg time ago, I did a FOTD that I wore on my birthday. I followed the Michelle Phan "Birthday Look" tutorial and that look required pink and purple.  I have yet to try Woodstock, but when I do I shall do a FOTD to show you that it is actually wearable. For now, check out my birthday look from 2011

I doubt I have to tell you how blendable and pigmented these shadows are. You probably already know how bomb Urban Decay is, right? The 2 middle colors are the cooler nude colors which I happen to really like. However, I am noticing that those 2 lightest colors are much more pigmented than the lighter 2 colors from Urban Decay's Naked palette {Virgin and Sin} I always preferred using Stila's Kitten in place of Virgin or Sin on my lid because it was so much more pigmented and easy to use. With the Roller Girl palette, I don't have to break out Kitten if I don't want to. Suspect and Verve are just as pigmented and awesome.You will see swatches at the end.

Along with the eyeshadow's, the palette also came with the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Whiskey. Whiskey is a very true brown. It is a creamy consistency and so far, I haven't had any problems with it migrating out of my waterline. I have only worn it once thru a workout and it didn't budge. After the shower and washing my face, there was a little smudging but I am surprised at how little. I will need a makeup remover for it. {I love Avon's} I am prone to eye liner's running. I have very watery eyes. Here's a color comparison. The other liner's are pretty good in the waterline too, but I think Urban Decay's Glide-On Pencil is giving these others a run for their money. I have full review's on each of them. Mally's Ever Color Waterproof Eye Liner- Mally's Favorite Things Kit. Physician's Formula's Shimmer Strips "For Blue Eyes"

Lastly, this little Urban Decay Roller Girl kit came with a Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Crush. The color couldn't have been any more perfect for me. I love bright pink lip glosses. This lip gloss cools and plumps. It has a minty taste. I wouldn't say it is the plumpiest of plumpers but it does plump. And cools. I really do like it. It has been in my bag ever since I got it.

ok now for the swatches from the actual palette and the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss. The swatches are in this order from left to right: Crush {lip gloss}, Darkhorse, Suspect, Verve, Woodstock

Don't forget to check out Linh's blog Blushology. I know you will love it.

till next time,


Coco said...

What a fab palette. I actually really love the look of the lip gloss and I don't wear lip gloss xx

Erica Jackson said...

oh yeah?! that surprising! i have a review coming up for the nyx butter glosses and i love those too. not sticky by any means.

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