Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charlotte Russe Jewelry

I bought some really gorgeous jewelry a couple weeks ago from Charlotte Russe that I have been dying to show you all. 

You all know I am a fan of Arm Candy and when I buy jewelry from Charlotte Russe {It is almost always 2 pieces for $10} I can't resist getting those 3 pack of bracelets. The one's I picked out, I love. I have been seeing the new Arm Candy for Spring/Summer, and a lot of it is made up of metals with cloth. 

The first one is a braided skull bead bracelet with the metallic gold skull beads woven throughout. Fastens with an adjustable pull cord and had 2 gold beads attached to each of the 2 pull cords. One of the beads fell off. I love skulls and I love how these skull beads are tiny, but you can still see that they are skulls. It's a nice little detail. I love the pull cord too. I wish the one bead didn't fall off, obviously. But yah no.

The next bracelet has a beige rope with a metallic gold bar as the solid piece. This is the one piece that sold me. I loved the mixing of the rope with the gold bar. This is adjustable as well. The rope is tied in a loose knot with a metallic gold piece that you pull up or down to make it looser or tighter.

The last piece is a gold spike bracelet with pearls set in metallic gold  between each spike. I could have done without the pearls although it does add a little class to a what would have been an edgy bracelet. Stretchy, cheap band.

For my second piece of jewelry, I decided on this bauble-esc silver metallic necklace. They also had a coral one with silver which I want to go back and snatch. This fastens with a lobster claw and I am wearing it in the middle somewhere. It can be adjusted to go a little lower. The longest it goes is just below the collar of a normal tee shirt. It can also be worn a little higher than this. Forgive me as I don't have exact measurements. It doesn't fit long like a quintessential bauble necklace. I prefer this one over that, however. Sorry about the boob shot.

ok! I have got to run! It's Philly's birthday today, and I still have to go buy him something + buy myself something to wear. Im not complaining though ;)

Have a fabulous day!



Claire said...

Love the neaklace, such a gorgeous colour :)

Erica Jackson said...

thank you (: i am acting like i made it or something! lol! well, i did pick it out. thanks for stopping by ;)

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