Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glint and Gleam on Shop Lately Haul

Another beauty blogger type of site. Hautelook, Birchbox, Jewelmint, DailyLook, etc. They all have some kind of hook and are all so fun to shop. I never really gave Shop Lately a look until recently. I have heard so much about it, but just like all of these #bblogger sites, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other. I decided to one day check out Shop Lately.

I am hooked.

Shop Lately has, first of all, some really great prices. Great prices are one thing, but they also have some really adorable stuff. It is my favorite new site. 

Shop Lately offer's mostly jewelry and accessories from different smaller brands. But the brands they carry are on-point. The brands they have almost remind me of jewelry brands you would find on Etsy. But that's not all! They have a sale section which is set up to be a flash sale type of page. They have certain brands on that page, and you can get a great price on those sale items for only a few days. That is how they get 'cha!

Glint and Gleam seem to be the main brand/vendor on Shop Lately. Glint and Gleam is most likely my favorite jewelry brand yet. Check their stuff out.

As soon as I seen the Gold Tiny Tiered Trio Necklace on sale for $8.50, I had to have it. I have always wanted a 3 tiered necklace with crosses. And this one was even better because it has a skull as the first charm. If it had a heart as another charm, it would be actually perfect for me. And if was real gold at that price, it would be even better! LOL! But I still love it. I have been wearing it, no joke, every single day. 

The only thing that drives me crazy about it is that it can get tangled up really easy. I guess that comes with the territory.

I am wearing it as short as I can in this picture, so that should give you an idea of exactly where it will fall on the neck. 

That was the only thing I actually purchased. 

It came with a free gift! Cha Ching! 

In the box it came with a note that they sent me a necklace they thought I would like based on my purchase. I don't know how the dainty gold necklace would fall into the same category as this huge clunky 80's looking necklace, and at first I was put off. Normally I don't like this sort of thing. 

But then I realized this was my chance to branch out of my comfort zone and I instantly started to like it. I surprised myself and have worn it twice since it came in the mail over a week ago.

I am not sure what it is called {I am sorry} Again, I am wearing this necklace as short as it will go. However, I do think this necklace would look really cute worn long, with the chain laying right on the collar of the shirt, and the bulk of the necklace sitting entirely on the shirt. This necklace has some weight to it. Not so heavy it is over bearing and weighing my neck down, but heavy enough to tell me it was made well and isn't cheap. In fact, it doesn't weigh my neck down at all.

That was everything I got from Shop Lately! I can't wait to order again!

Also, my packaged must have been shipped right away because I got it rather quickly. I think I waited 5 days, which isn't much of a wait.

Have you guys ordered from Shop Lately?
What did you think?

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