Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boho{mian} Rhapsody || OOTD

On a summer day in Ohio, it is seriously humid. I mean, really. So when it comes to summer fashion, I look for something to wear that is hip and visually pleasing, but also wants something that gives me room to breathe. Fresh and On-Trend, if you will.

Being comfortable in such a humid climate usually means not a ton of jewelry. A few pieces always bring an outfit together, in my opinion. As for this look, I have nothing on but a necklace. {and a hair tie...and a head piece} I could grab a bracelet or two to help this look even more. But this is real, people. I didn't wear any that day and that is just the way it goes sometimes.

The dress is the main star of the show. A ruffle tier baby doll dress, I have been wearing it over my bathing suit as well as day to day. The oatmeal cartigan is really thin with a reverse mullet style shape. I think the cardigan adds that extra boho feel to it, as the dress is loosely fitted. To add some kind of color, I wore my Coral t-strap sandals with the gold detailing near the feet along with the gold bar going up the foot. So cute! Since coral and mint go hand in hand this season, my mint and silver panel necklace went perfect with my mint bra. The bra peeks through which I think, adds to the style and look I was going for. I could have went for a bandeau to peek through, but I thought it was showing a little too much and those just don't fit my body type. The mint bra is decorative anyhow and tied everything together. It's weird to say a bra tied my outfit together, but it's true!

To add an extra accessory without feeling tied down, I of course I had to wear the floral headpiece. Looking back, I wish I would have got a closer shot of the head piece. It has 1 rhinestone in the center of each flower. That's why I gravitated towards this particular head piece. It adds a little bit of glam while still giving a nod to the summer of 1969. {hey that's an unintentional Bryan Adams reference} It is made to be worn as is. I tried to wear it as a headband but it is too loose. So if your looking for something like this, check out Tilly's!

Headpiece: Tilly's || Chiffon Flower Headband
Black Dress: Tilly's || Full Tilt Ruffle Tier Baby Doll Dress
Oatmeal Cartigan : Burlington Coat Factory
Mint Panel Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Mint Bra: Target
Metallic T-Strap Flat Coral Sandals: Body Central

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also, Let's all thank Philly for taking these pictures! He is getting really good at it. Would you look at that back light on picture #1? And he directed me in a few of these shots. Great job, babe!


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