Saturday, June 15, 2013

Julep's Kaylen NOTW

Just a quick NOTW on a very unique nail polish. I myself have never experienced anything like it. Thank you to Alex for letting me borrow it! She didnt really like it to begin with. I think she might just have to get used to it though. Alex signed up for the monthly Julep Maven box using the code "freebox" to get her first box free and got her polishes within 5 days. I will be giving this back to her, but not before I review it.

Kaylen is a bright neon orange, perfect for kicking off the summer. This nail polish is not a cream. It really isn't a matte either. I would call this a jelly. What your looking at is 3 coats and as you can probably see, my nail is peeking through the polish. Almost as if it's sheer, but quite. It is basically an opaque, see-through polish. When it dries, it doesn't really look matte or glossy. It looks {and feels} rubbery. I am sure there are better ways to describe this polish in a much more technical way, but this is what i'm going with. If any of my  nail obsessed girls know these technical terms, please leave them as a comment! 

Final verdict is that it was pretty cool. I liked it on my nails. Just like any other nail polish, this last 2 days tops without a top coat. As someone who serves food, my nails chip even quicker.

Have you guys tried this?
What did you think?



Coco said...

What a fun color! I wish I had something like it x

Erica Jackson said...

well, you can always buy it on the Julep site. Although they are a little expensive for my taste

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