Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five For Friday = #H54F

I have seen this link up so many times and I have always wanted to join in. I always was too late by the time I got it together. It is 4:15 eastern time on Friday evening and I am going for it!

Photos 1-7: The day before Memorial Day, me and Philly went to Cedar Point. Even though it wasn't warm enough for the water park {at least not for us} we had a ton of fun! I obviously could not choose just 1 picture, so I opted for seven of them. I got some good ones, if I do say so myself. Well, with a little help from a few Instagram filters. There's more on Instagram!

Photo 8: In case you haven't heard for the 8th time, I got my necklace from Shop Lately - I love that thing.I have also been obsessing over Pink Pop from the Maybelline Vivids line. So pretty. They look nice together (:

Photo 9: Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Who doesn't love that combination? I have been snacking on those all week.

Photo 10: NOTW: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with OPI When Monkey's Fly and Wet n Wild Party of 5 Glitters. Another great combo.

Photo 11: Went shopping at Target. I got some organizational stuff. I can't resist a $1 Mon-Fri tablet. I am a crazy list maker. I also bought a couple small gifts.

Photo 12: Another gift. The Fake Bake Sunless Tanning Lotion. I hope she likes it!

Photo 13: OOTD. Also seen here.

Photo 14: I am lightening my hair even more. I will do a full blog post/video about it once I am done.

Photo 15: I really wanted to get some good pictures of the flowers while still on the tree with my Canon camera, but I wasn't fast enough. All of the flower petal ended up on the ground. Still makes for a gorgeous  photo, anyways.

Clearly I am not great at following rules because I did not pick 5. Im 10 over. Let's just pretend. I do feel bad because I don't have one of Stella! Poor girl! If you want to see some of Stella Girl, go to my Instagram and follow me. I have a ton of other pictures too! I am @MeetMissJackson

Yay! Now I can link up!



Coco said...

I hadn't heard about the High Five Friday before. I still enjoyed your pictures <3

Erica Jackson said...

oh why thank you love <3

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